Here we report from our C-litter from 2020

13th January 2024

We are very proud that a dog from our C litter is also going into breeding.
Chanta-Caya passed her breeding permit with flying colors in Kassel on January 13th.

30th November 2023

4th birthday C-Litter
News from all C’s except Costello, see at their pages.

One theme was subordination in rally obedience signs or also
Retrieve commands,
The Top-Dog behavior of two male dogs – one from the C and one from the D litter – was worth seeing.
Subordination and top dogs
In October, 5 dogs from the C-D litter plus the second dog and Jade met at our dog park for a rendezvous.
There was a course with fun elements, obedience and dog-handler bonding.
It was amazing to see how different the dogs went about it.
It was a lovely afternoon.
Meeting of the C-and D-Litter in October 23 in years gallery and 5 dogs in Lüdo at Litters
For C-Litter is an extra gallery
Meeting C-Litter

Development of the C-Litter
3rd Birthday C-Litter and 2nd Birthday C-Litter

13.ter November 2022
News on the site of Colina, Chewbacca, Cuni, Costello, Ciwana, Chanta, Chiwano, Ciwana and Charal
see at their pages

Starting with the puppy meeting over visits and mores


Spring / Summer 2021

We have a few new impressions,
which we have hired for the individual dogs.
Be it photos or videos.
They’re coming in one by one now.
Just take a look at the individual dogs links see above

April 2021

Our C-litter in spring
The young dogs are now grown in height and weight.
Now all that’s left to do is compactness.
Everyone is fine, happy and comfortable in their families.
In the meantime you can tell the “Black-Tens” apart –
I would only have difficulties with Costelle and Calimero if I saw them from a distance.
their paw color is different
They have grown into great dogs.
thanks to all owners.
Cara passed her dog driving license with handler Silke with flying colors


January 2021

Forest walk in Eichlinghofen with Darwin, Frieda and Jade



November 2020

C-Litter- 1st Birthday

new Videos von Darwin’s Videos
und Cuni’s Videos


September 13th “Northern Lights Meeting”

The meeting was not a lucky star,
a mistress had to work,
Cara was in heat so Darwin couldn’t come unfortunately
Colina’s pack was stuck in traffic for hours, so that they started their journey home again
a meeting turned into a visit that is on everyone’s agenda for the first year.
Jade and Cara got along well,
learned from each other and also played a little
Many thanks to Silke for the nice afternoon,
the interesting conversations and the shop floor talk
Maybe we’ll try a new date.
A picture gallery of our visit can be found at Cara and soon also in the annual gallery.


August 2020 Darwin

Darwin has a new family and feels “Gos-Wellness”, like a small video and pictures show.

We have a holiday guest.
Chiwano stays with us for three weeks.
On July 16th we visited Chanta with him.
Dear Heike, thank you for the nice afternoon.
Chiwano and Chanta have got on really well, they raged, chasing each other,
he tried to run on the water, which unfortunately didn’t work
and so he was very puzzled to suddenly be wet.
a few pictures can be seen at Chiwano and Chanta.
Something is also published in the annual gallery.


June 2020 Puppy Meeting

We met for a first “puppy reunion” Because of Corona times it was a “boy sprunt reunion”.
Five of our offspring were there and had a great afternoon.
In the meantime all pictures have been sighted, and published in different ways.
See C-Litter, Annual Galleries, Theme Galleries and Viedos Have fun watching it.

June puppy meeting