This is Dino’s ( Loui ) Side
New pictures and current developments are documented here.


Videos of Loui


December 2022

Walk in winter,
Loui has an advent calendar
Cuddling and begging?
I also get gifts

Autumn 2022

Loui has made a decent leap in his development.
He is a well built, maxculine young dog,
who is becoming more and more like his father.

August- June 2022

The puppy has meanwhile become a beautiful young dog,
who lends a hand to his pack and provides beautiful moments
and much more.
Keep it up

June – May 2022

dino-loui in his new home
his garden, his sleeping place, his box, his new girlfriend

Dinos new Family

Dino’s home is with a couple
Franziska and Thilo from Dortmund – very close to us.
Dino is now called Loui

Dino before departure

Dino before departure

Dino with one weekDino with eight weeks

Dino with one and eight weeks