This is Chanta’s page
Pictures and developments are documented here

Chanta lives with Heike and Thomas in Coppenbrügge.
Her nickname will be Caya.
Pictures and other experiences in her life can be found here.


There are also several videos from Chanta,
that we want to show in one place.
Chantas Videos


13th January 2024

Chanta got her breeding licence
Chanta got the breeding licence

We are very proud that a dog from our C litter is also going into breeding.
Chanta-Caya passed her breeding approval with flying colors in Kassel on January 13th.
Your breeding successes will now be shown on the breeding and breeding dogs pages.
Offspring und Breeding dogs

Summer 2023

Chanta has developed into a beautiful bitch
She is the “treasure of the family”

Summer / Autumn 2022

autumn 22
Caja on a walk
she gives birthday greetings on her 3rd birthday

Caja on vacation and Caja with her best mate – one heart and one soul
Caja now has her final hair color,
which will change in nuances to light and dark depending on the season.
a beautiful barquillo


Winter / Summer / Autumn 2021

Caja at the sea on hollyday
Caja resting at the sofa- wonderful !!
Caja in winter
out in the cold
Nicely dried off after snowfall and relaxed in her basket
a great portrait of her head, she has great colors.
Play with a playmate


Autumn 2020

Chanta got a pretty coat color
She has it all behind her ears
Advent can come now.

August 2020

Chanta at the sea

with 11 weeks

Who enjoys here more?


July 2020

a new Video see above “Videos”
Our vacation visit Chiwano visited Chanta in her home.
Since Jade is in heat, we preferred to leave her at home.
Chanta is a very pretty bitch that has a lot of the color of our Benga.
You can hardly see this color in the Gossis today.
She is a typical Gos bitch, reserved for strangers.
Then she thawed and recognized me too.
Both dogs competed in the garden and raged extensively.
Many thanks to Heike for the nice afternoon.

Chanta is waiting for ChiwanoGame prompt

Caja is waiting for Darwin to ask her to play

when you will playLook for her mistress

Caja asks when do you finally want to play – Caja’s look at mistresses

May 2020

there are two new Videos from Chanta,
see Videos


April 2020

Chanta at April 2020

Chanta in her gardenChanta with Thomas

March 2020

Chanta in the basket
Chanta in the basketChanta what a place to cuddle

February 2020

Chanta with eleven weeks
with 11 weeks

I share the coach with my owner

Chanta with relish in the arms of masters

Chanta with her new buddy

Chanta near her new buddyChanta first sleep

Chantas new family

Heike and Thomas are now here family.
Sie wohnt zukünftigShe will live in Coppenbrügge

Chanta with 9 weeks

Chanta with nine weeks


Chanta with 5 weeksChanta with six weeks

Chanta with five and six weeks

Chanta with 1 weekChanta with 4 weeks

Chanta with one and four weeks


Chantas time at El Fuego del Viento Kennel

Chanta with 2 weeksChanta with 8 weeks

Chanta with two and eight weeks