This is Branka’s side
New images and current developments are documented here.


May 2023

Branka’s color change is particularly noticeable over time.
Her beautiful barquillo has given way to a gris
you can still see the youth / adult coat color in approaches

Branka is almost grey now too Branka with 13 years

Pictures from summer vacation in the mountains with son Tari
and from her garden/apartment

May 2020

Branka 10 years

Branka 10 years


May 2019

Branka at holyday 2019

Vacation 2019 with owner and owner


Summer 2018

Branka gave the Kennel du clarte du soleil three great litters.
She can now enjoy retirement with her son Aventar – Tari.


Spring 2017

Kennel de la clarte du soleil has her third litter.
In 2017 she gave birth to her third litter with Fabio du Domaine de Chevaux Blancs and 9 great puppies.
She is unmistakable for Benga’s daughter in character, building, coat and face.


Summer 2016

Branka has followed in her mother’s footsteps.
In 2015 she gave birth to her second litter with Bentjesgos Augustin and 7 great puppies.

Mother Benga

Mother Benga


February 2015

Branka became a mother for the second time.
Seven puppies mixed up the household well for 2 months.
All puppies have found a nice home.
All colors are available from negro to barquillo to arena.

Brankas B-litter

March 2014

Branka was exhibited in Berlin.
She got an excellent twice and thus has all the prerequisites for the VDH Championship
We warmly congratulate Steffi on the success.


December 2013.

Branka’s puppies are getting fledged.
All puppies have found a family.
We hope you enjoy the new additions to the family.


September 2013

Branka made Benga a grandma
For more information and pictures see offspring

Brankas A-litter

Summer 2013

We often see Branka at exhibitions
She looks more and more like her mother in terms of fur structure

Branka at exhibitionBranka at Exhibition

Spring 2012 / Summer 2012

Pictures from Branka with about 2 years


Winter 2012

Branka received full breeding approval in December.
Branka’s HD evaluation has arrived
she has an HD B hip, i.e. no HD


Summer 2011

Brankas new playmate


August 2011

Visit at Branka in Chemnitz


Branka at spring 2011

The relationship to Benga is undeniable


Branka til February 2011

The puppy is slowly becoming a young dog

Brankas new home

Branka has her new home with a couple from Chemnitz

Branka befoe delivery

Branka before delivery

Branka with one week    Branka with 8 weeks

Branka with one and eight weeks