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November 2020

the side of Chewbacca cannot be continued unfortunately.


August 2020

We visited Chewbacca quite spontaneously.
Thank you for the nice afternoon,
Charlie is a lively young dog,
feels good and is eager to work
We were very happy about your bond with each other.

April 2020

the “little guy” grows and thrives.

Charlie 5 months

March 2020

Garden control is everything.

After checking everything
do I get a treat? right?

February 2020

a first video of him.
I dare to go outside

Nobody can get me heremy lovely place at the moment

first pictures at home


Chewbacca with 9 weeks

Chewbacca with 9 weeks

Chewbacca with nine weeks


Chewbacca with  6 weeksChewbacca with 7 weeks

Chewbacca with six and seven weeks

Chewbacca with 1 weekChewbacca with 4 weeks

Chewbacca with one and four weeks


Chewbacca’s time at El Fuego del Viento Kennel

Chewbacca with 2 weeksChewbacca with 8 weeks

Chewbacca with two and eight weeks