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Pictures and other experiences in his life can be found here.


There are some videos from Chewbacca here:Chewbaccas Chewies Videos


Summer Fall 2023

Vacation and Impressions at home

Spring 2023

carnival and vacination

Summer 2022

Impressions from vacation in Denmark
The family and Chewbacca enjoyed the time together


August to October 2021

Impressions from the vacation
playing with master, showing love
chewbacca has found his dream buddy.
nothing goes over it anymore, he would like to sleep in his bed himself

July 2021

new Video of Chewie, see above


March / April 2021

Chewbacca has now really arrived.
Some habits are still taken over from the old homeland
– much to the smile of the new pack – like being lifted into the car –
maybe sitting at the front of the wheel.
But he loves his new pack as well and vice versa.
Forest walks are still very popular.


Chewbacca in the third week in his new pack
he has settled in and
is enjoying life in his new pack.


Chewbacca was with us for three weeks,
before he found his new family.
His nickname will be Chewie now.
Here are a few more impressions from these three weeks.


We found a new home for Chewbacca
Michael and Anne from Marburg, are very happy,
to give him a new home.
He recognized Michael immediately when he was picked up and greeted him with joy.
So there is little sadness that he is now leaving us and
we hope he gets used to it quickly and
will have a great life with the family.
So we hope to get the latest photos of his new home soon
Here first photos from his first visit and the farewell photo

Chewbacca has a new home with Michael and Anne
on Sunday, February 28th he moved.





Chewbacca in our pack for 6 days

Chewbacca 14 months


Impressions of Jade and Chewbacca


August 2020

We visited Chewbacca quite spontaneously.
Thank you for the nice afternoon,
Charlie is a lively young dog,
feels good and is eager to work
We were very happy about your bond with each other.

April 2020

the “little guy” grows and thrives.

Charlie 5 months

Nobody can get me heremy lovely place at the moment

first pictures at home


Chewbacca's new family

Gundula is his new family
She is living in Fintel

Chewbacca with 9 weeks

Chewbacca with 9 weeks

Chewbacca with nine weeks


Chewbacca with  6 weeksChewbacca with 7 weeks

Chewbacca with six and seven weeks

Chewbacca with 1 weekChewbacca with 4 weeks

Chewbacca with one and four weeks


Chewbacca’s time at El Fuego del Viento Kennel

Chewbacca with 2 weeksChewbacca with 8 weeks

Chewbacca with two and eight weeks