In Memory

In Memory

Baika Pedigree

Baikas Pedigree

Jade Pedigree

Jades Pedigree

Daja Pedigree

Dajas Pedigree


Our bitch Baika

Baika El Fuego del Viento

Croatian Youthchampion

ZB nr:
VDH 10/0770869
Como un Amigo del Somni Catala
Bea de las landas del Sur
Angela Schüssler
Iren Schüssler
47 cm
18 KG
Zuchthündin Jade

Breeding bitch Jade

Jade a Dream of Bear’d
ZB nr:
LOF 1G AT.1725/0
Moro de Bellagosca
Heragonela a Dream of Bear’d
Angela Schüssler
Angela Schüssler
53 cm
21 KG
Offspring Daja

Offspring Daja

Daja El Fuego del Viento
ZB nr:
VDH 22 / 077 02073
Dali de Vora Els tres Castels
Jade a Dream of Bear’d
Angela Schüssler
Angela Schüssler and Heike Potter
not yet
black & ten
50 cm
16 KG


Spring 2023

Fotoshooting with Jade, Daja and Misses

Autumn 2022

Daja get a place at the side ” Our females”

Summer 2021

We completed a great fun course at the summer festival of our new club Lütgendortmund I.
Everyone had a lot of fun, it was a great afternoon
Pictures will follow.


Spring 2021

because there are no tournaments due to Corona,
it is time to just show a few photo impressions of our ladies.

November 2020

Baika is now a senior citizen and let’s see,
whether and how it will start next year.
So next year we will be stepping down significantly when it comes to tournaments.
There will be training for both of them in the next year too
Perhaps also more hoopers and nose searches
We will also report on these two dog sports.


12. Oktober 2020

Baika at Fotoshooting – see Baika –

End of September 2020

NRW Rally Obedience ROC Championship in Mönchengladbach-Böckelberg.
We qualified with three teams.
Approx. 180 teams started on two days.
It’s our turn in grades 2 and 3 on Sunday.
It will be a challenge because two rings will start at the same time.
We have achieved very nice results.
Jade surprised with 99 points and did a great job
Baika received 95 points with Angela in class 2 and was thus in the upper midfield.
With Irish she was very focused,
only standing in motion and standing for a long distance is still your problem.
She received 75 points, i.e. all stations with the exception of their two construction sites
And she mastered one repeat because of the construction site with flying colors.
We are proud of these achievements. Well done !!!

05th / 06th September 2020
Rally Obedience Championships Westphalia

In the DVG you have to qualify for four tournaments.
Bundessiegerprüfung / State Championships /
NRW Championship / Germany Championship
We are proud to have qualified in each of the last few years.
So this year I was able to start with Baika and Jade in class two.
As a rule, Baika is the workhorse and can’t wait to start
this time she was a bit over the top and so we were able to leave the field with a good
Unfortunately, Jade failed at the last station
(5 points went to her account – the hurdle seemed too high for her –
5 points went to mistress – because she stopped)
so Jade could finish with a very good
We are proud and happy to be able to take part in such a tournament
Thanks to Dennis Gosain for the nice photos of the two
You get an extra contribution. RO-LVM Westfalia 2020



Jade und Baika

Jade and Baika in Holland


30. November 2019

Jade has her first litter with nine healthy puppies
Father is Ignacio Jordi von den Hexen

7thMay 2016

Jade got her full breeding licence.
 We are very proud of this success
  Jade’s breeding licence protocol

December 2014

Jade in puppy lession ( see).
Baika and Jade are doing very well.
It’s fun to watch both.

October 2014

We always wanted a pack.
 Grief also takes time.
 We went in search of a reinforcement for our packand
  have found what we are looking for in France.
 After two visits we decided on a bright family dog.
 Jade moved in on October 28th and now arrived well with us.
 You forget the puppy time so fast,
  we look forward to an exciting, certainly exhausting time with education and attachment
and will continue to report here.

April 2014

With a heavy heart, we had to let our breeding bitch Benga go.
 It leaves a big gap and will remain in eternal memory.
 Impressions of Benga’s life can be found here.


Benga and Baika

Benga and Baika at a trip in Netherland