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Costello lives with Michael near by Mainz.
Pictures and other experiences in her life can be found here.


June 2020

Impressions from the meeting of young dogs
Great praise can be given for the leash and the bond with the owner.
Even under an obstacle made no problems;
the tunnels, whether sack tunnels or normal ones, were a bit suspect.

Costello on a leashCostello under an obstacle

The line was almost never taut and under the hurdle was no problem.

Costello and the sack tunnelCostello goes alongside the tunnel

He couldn’t make friends with Tunnel.
he preferred to go alongside.


Mai 2020

Costello at walk and in the water



attentive Costello

Costello im Wasser

Can I get the stick ashore ??

Spaziergang und Schwimmen mit Stock


April 2020

Costello with his play dome on a walk in the field in March 2020.
They both have a lot of fun together and we hope
that despite Corana times, they can still meet often.

February / March 2020


Costello's new family

Michael is his new family
He is living in Flörsheim

Costello with 9 weeks

Costello with nine weeks


Costello with  6 weeksCostello with 7 weeks

Costello with six and seven weeks

Costello with 1 weekCostello with 4 weeks

Costello with one and four weeks


Costello Zeit im Heimatzwinger

Costello with 2 weeksCostello with 8 weeks

Costello with two and eight weeks