Last Update June 2021

Happy BirthdayHappy BirthdayHappy BirthdayHappy Birthday

Dear Aurelia, we wish you and your mistress all the best.
Let yourself be pampered, stay healthy and have a few more years.
Unfortunately, in December last year, Alano-Alvaro,
in April Anina-Summer and
Ares-Ringo crossed the rainbow bridge three days before his 13th birthday
and we remember them with a last picture.

Pictures of the A-litter and their development are here

We have very sad news.
Our male Ares Ringo passed away all of a sudden today – a few days before his 13th birthday –
He has enriched our lives and that of Heike and Andi
His calm character (“our little bear”) was wonderful for the El Fuego del Viento pack.
We now have to learn to get along without him.
The gap it leaves is huge

Run free my dear fellow – Fare Well

Farewell Ringo

27th Juni 2008 – 23th Juni 2021

Pictures of the B-litter and their development can be seen here

New pictures from our C-Litter
Our Females and
Aura and
Jade Impressions and
Hoopers after a Corona rest of seven months




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