Last Update
21th May 2022

Dexter was supposed to be coming to his new home today.
Birgit and Mikael were with us 5 weeks ago and had two favourites: Dexter and Draik.
Today a dog decided. Draik immediately came to Birgit.
It’s not an easy decision for the two of them in the end,
Draik spoke to her heart more.
We are particularly happy for Draik.
We have grown very fond of him and saying goodbye is difficult.
But that’s how Dexter stays with us for now and we’re looking for a suitable family for him
Dexter is a very quiet representative, very cuddly,
He can play very well with his siblings.
We secretly called him “our little bear”. I think he lives up to his name.
His suitcase is packed and hopefully his new family is already waiting for him.
We look forward to inquiries.

Dexter with nine weeks

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a video can be called up . I will try to present videos on an extra Site in the next days.

We are now looking forward to visitors,
which our puppies would like to see.
Not all males have found their families.
If you are interested, please get in touch
Dexter in Angela's arms

Our D-Litter is born
9 puppies (6 males / 3 females) enjoy the best health
Jades puppybox We are very happy about the birth and look forward to a great puppy time
Photos and further details will follow in the next few days.

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