Last Update 30th November 2023

Happy BirthdayHappy BirthdayHappy BirthdayHappy Birthday

30th November 2023
Happy fourth birthday
C-Litter 4th Birthday

International Pedigree dog exhibition in Posen, 04th NOVEMBER 2023
DANUTA-LETTY El Fuego del Viento – excellente Note, first place. Platz, CWC, CACIB, BOB
Gratulation to the wonderful success

Please also take a look at the individual dogs,
you can see a few highlights
Chiwano-Darwin , Charal-Cara , Denver-Sir Henry ,
Dino-Loui , Daja and Danuta

In the Morristown Kennel in Sweden, a few pretty girls are looking for their families
The suitcases are packed and everyone is ready to go.
Honey Honey
Morristown Honey Honey
Kontakt unter: Mariana Amren;
Email: ; Phone: 0046 76-0990474

A few more later videos from Bangos – see his page.

At 13 1/2 years old, Baika qualified for the 2023 national winner’s test in Rally Obedience.
So we started on October 8th as one of 60 starters in the senior class.
Being there is everything. Baika brought home a nice 84 points (very good).
I am proud of our senior.
With this success, Baika says goodbye to active tournament sport
Baika BSP 2023

Summerimpressionen of D-Litter
New galleries and videos from Daja, Danuta-Nutka, Denver-Sir Henry, Draik,
Dino-Loui, Diego-Pepe and Dirka
and from the C-Litter Chiwano and Chanta
look at their sites.

Baika and Jade started on August 13th
at an RO tournament in VEA Borken in the senior class.
Both dogs walked very well
and so I am happy about the “double success”
1st and 2nd place of our two bitches

Senior triumph of Baika and Jade
Senior Triumph

Pictures 15. Birthday of Aurelia here

Pictures 13. Birthday of B-Litter here

Links of D-Litter, C-Litter, B-Litter:
D-Litter and C-Litter and B-Litter

Also some pictures of our dogs – this time at Jade to see.
Forest walks with questions

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So long you can look at the old

to FCI / VDH breeder “El Fuego del Viento”
and Family Schüssler with Jade, Baika and Ringo

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