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10 August 2022

Jade visits Dali, Colina and Draik-Frodo
There are new videos from Daja and pictures from Dino-Loui, they will be installed
Dexter visits Aurelia, Stella helps Diego, Dali-Dibbes loves the water-
Check it out

Dexter has found his family.
He arrived happily in his new home in Cologne together with his mistress Bettina and his master Friedrich.
He is now called Carlos.
We wish him all the best, a great start in the new family
so that he continues to develop as great as before.
For Bettina and Friedrich we wish you a lot of joy with the new family member
and that you may grow into a super team/pack together.
Have fun together. Dexter

Now the pictures / videos of the first 2 months in their new home are finally coming.
Gradually each dog gets its turn. We start with Dali, Danuta, Dexter, Draik, Dino, Daja, Denver, Dirka and Diego.
Dali and Danuta and Dexter and Draik and Dino and Daja and Denver and Dirka

Happy BirthdayHappy BirthdayHappy BirthdayHappy Birthday

27. Juni 2022
Happy birthday for your 14th Birthday, dear Aurelia


Dear Aurelia, I wish you many more walks in the forest and on the banks of the Rhine with your mistress.

B-Litter 12th Birthday

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Pictures of the A-litter and their development are here

Pictures of the B-litter and their development can be seen here

Pictures of the C-litter and their first two years here


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