Last Update
28th February 2021

Chewbacca has a new home with Michael and Anne
on Sunday, February 28th he moved.

On Wednesday I went to see his possible new home in Marburg with Chewbacca. He also stayed there alone.
When I wanted to pick him up, he slept in the company of Michael and Anne and visited him his page




New picture of our Senior Ringo

one Video from Chiwano look Chiwano-Video
Winter Impressionen of Cuni-Frida
more pictures of the C-litter in the snow will follow the days.

The C-Litter side is split up see C-Litter

Ten years developement in pictures
B-Wurf 10 years

Of course, we are pleased about visitors and they are welcomed


breed C-litter


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we are changing to a new homepage. It will take a while for her to finish.
So long you can look at the old

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