We, a family of five, live in the south of Dortmund in a row house with garden. Our children are now grown up. A dog has always been part of our life.
Our family’s experience with dogs began as our children were still young when we adopted a Briard mixed puppy from the animal shelter. Benny was a loving and devoted dog who showed us how joyful a family life with a dog can be. He accompanied us for sixteen years.

After he passed away we wondered what breed of dog would be a good fit for our family. We wanted a dog with the same qualities but one which was a little smaller. We came to a decision fairly quickly. Our ideal dog would be a herding dog, mid-sized, family oriented and adventurous.
Through the Internet we became acquainted for the first time with the breed Gos d’atura. We looked at several dogs of this type and we quickly came to the conclusion that our next dog would be a “Gossy.“ We found our ideal dog in August, 2005 by the Schünemann family. “Bea” was a perky and energetic puppy. In October, after several visits she became part of our “pack” and “Bea” was changed to “Benga.”

In the winter of 2006 we decided that we wanted to become breeders. We successfully completed the requirements for obtaining a breeding license and became more informed through literature and conversations with other breeders.

At 2008 and 2010 we had two litters. Where Ares and Baika are staying with us. After the death of our Benga 2014 a new puppy  “Jade” of the Kennel “a dream of Bear’d” came to us.

We are working with Baika and Jade in Rally Obedience with much success.


Our approach to Breeding

Breeding is our hobby. Our breeder dog and her litter have their place in our home and from the beginning take part in our daily life. During this phase our dining room is converted to a puppy room. This is adjacent to the patio door which leads directly to the garden area behind the house.

When the puppies are born all the activity is centered around the litter area. In the first four weeks there is much close contact between us and the puppies.

We want to have an immediate influence on the puppies through contact, stimulation and their sense of smell and also let them get accustomed to the typical sounds of daily life.

The puppies receive a regular and measured allotment of sensual stimulation. Among these are various hard, soft and slippery floor surfaces, toys, audible and visual stimuli such as wood, grass, sand, gratings, tarps, tunnels, a small pool filled with plastic balls, a small pool filled with water, noisemakers from wood and cans, warning tape, things which move about, a teeter-totter, a balance board, as well as typical daily objects like an umbrella, a lawn mower etc., We also play a – CD with differing sounds including a siren, ringing bells and fireworks. Opportunity is also given for developing the predatory instinct by playing with the rest of the litter, the mother and people.

Parties interested in a puppy are welcome after the fourth week. The puppies should have contact with people of all ages: babies, children, teens, adults and seniors. We want to provide an optimal start in to life for the puppies.

When an interested party decides to take a puppy home, they are given a detailed feeding plan as well as a folder containing information which can be helpful for living together with a dog. Afterwards, in the initial phase and preferably for the dogs entire life, we are, of course, available for any questions that may come up or simply just to chat.

For our other dog Ringo (male) we also have a good idea of what kind of dog (female) we would like to see with him. She should be mentally grown up, that means at least two years old and should have had no litter within the last fifteen months. Since our female dog will only be covered a maximum of three times, we would wish the same for Ringo’s “Bride.”

We are a simple family and feel the dog (female) should live with her family in the house (no kennel or pen). If these conditions are agreeable to you and you are looking for a stud dog, you are more than welcome to contact us.