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04th April 2024

Fairwell Banu

Fairwell Banu

On April 3rd the last girl from the B litter crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
She followed Branka a good 2 weeks later.
The girls have all reached a proud age at almost 14 years old.
Our condolences go out to the owners of Banu who saw their soul dog in Banu.
A few pictures will follow in the next few days.
A video from her last days is displayed and still shows her joy of life.

Banu’s joy of life in March 2024
still cheerful and sometimes mischievous

Banu-Biggi with 13 years


Banu still cheerful Banu with 13 years

May 2020

Banu - 10 Jahre

Banu-Biggi 10 Jahre
Banu-Biggi 10 years


May 2019


Banu at a walk Banu with sticks

Banu at a walk 2019


Summer 2018

Banu-Biggi has photos of a walk on the occasion of his 8th birthday.
please click on a picture, then the picture is larger and it can be browsed.



Mai 2016
Banu-Biggi also has forest photos of a walk on the occasion of its 6th birthday.
Biggi is more and more like Baika.
her color lies between gris and negro, she clearly has the long hair from her father.
here the maternal grandmother (Jule) and the paternal grandfather (Pico) prevailed.


Gandfather Ivan Sisdits 

Grandfather Ivan (Pico) Sisdits

Grandmother Jule  

Grandmother Turca (Jule) de Campdura

Biggi in winter / spring 2011 (click on the picture, then you can see the enlargement)

Banu with 13 weeks in her new family
She has a new playmate and is waiting for commands from her owner

Banu with 13 weeks    Banu with 13 weeks

Banus new playmate    Banu is waiting for a command


Banus new family

Banus new family


Banus – Biggi – new home is near Ludwigshafen.
She is with a couple and will be traveling a lot,
and she feels great in the car”.



Field trip with 2 siblings    Field trip with 2 siblings

Field trip with 2 siblings

Banu with a week    Banu with eight weeks

Banu with one and with eight weeks