6th June 2020

Meeting of young dogs C-litter

group photo

group photo with 5 young dogs and mother

Despite Corona we could not have a puppy,
but rather a young dog get-together
and are happy that 5 of our offspring were there.

We had a very nice and pleasant afternoon
and I thank you for the keen interest
and the great cooperation among the owners.

We shared the afternoon a little:
once the game – socialization – was in the foreground,
once there was an interest
in what the youngsters do with “new things”,
the subject of attachment,
and the mutual cooperation should not be neglected either.


First of all, the presentation of our young dogs
this is how they look with half a year
Their associated pack is also presented.

The task was,
to master a small “course” with different obstacles.
Everyone did a great job; Everyone had advantages at one or the other station
We wanted to see how “new things” are discovered,
how the pack leaders can motivate their dogs;
All dogs have mastered their tasks nicely.
You can be proud of your dogs.

We have taken so many photos that this page cannot be completed all at once.
we start with the free play.
More galleries and free play will follow,
be it with the individual dogs , in the annual gallery or in the themed gallery.
Just drop by in the next few weeks.

Here is the first picture gallery – from the greeting, to the free spin
to the first exercises.

further pictures and topics are in the years galery, and Themengalerie
a little thing can be seen in every dog in every dog.
two videos are at Videos