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April 2023

Spring videos from Bangos-
a hymn to Bangos by his family.

Bangos is loved by his pack-
here with music

Bangos had problems with his paws for a long time,
a walk wasn’t easy anymore –
who likes to walk in pain?
Now he’s finally feeling better and you can see it clearly
he is enjoying the run.

Despite being almost 13 years old, Bangos is still lively when going for walks.

a few winter walk pictures

October 2022

a few recent photos and videos of Bangos
Vacation with family. Bangos still fit and able to walk well despite a leg injury.

three videos from the summer vacation or a trip to the Rhine

Bangos loves the beach

I dig myself to the other end – that’s fine

Bangos often swims in the Rhine and is happy
if he is allowed to fetch sticks or balls or the like.

September 2020

Jade and Baika visited Bangos
Der Charmeur Bangos kam bei Jade voll ins Spiel
Baika sagte ihren Bruder eher, ich steh nicht mehr auf Männer


May 2020

Bangos 10 years

DE VDH Champion Bangos el Fuego del Viento


November 2019

Bangos had a great photo shoot at a dog show in Mönchengladbach

Bangos 2019
Bangos in positiongreat expression
Bangos 2019

May 2019

Bangos in his garden

Bangos 2019

Summer 2018

Bangos has developed into a great male with a very nice character.
It is a pity that nobody has been interested in him as a stud dog so far.
He is now a model for Frauchens’ sales of ultrasonic toothbrushes.( )


Summer 2016

Bangos comes after his grandfather Rico and his father Como


Grossvater Rico

Grandfather Dschowo’s Rico

Vater Amigo

Father Amigo

Sommer 2015

Neue Bilder von Bangos.

a cool bath in the heat makes it comfortable

It's comfortable here

the expression of those eyesBall Junkie ??

Bangos has is own little HP:


April 2014

a pretty Dutch woman was marveled at by two gentlemen
Esta Zaza visited the kennel El Fuego del Viento
and Bangos was there

15th September 2013

Bangos has all the requirements for VDH Champion
We congratulate on the great success


08th September 2012

Bangos becomes best male in Krefeld
We congratulate Lisa on the great success


12th May 2012

Bangos is very successful at exhibitions.
His successes are recorded in the table.


Bangos ist auf Ausstellungen sehr erfolgreich.
Seine Erfolge sind in der Tabelle festgehalten.

In September 2013 he received the title of German VDH Champion

Place class Qualification
15.09.2013 Krefeld open class V1, Anwartschaft VDH DE Ch, CAC, BR
08.09.2012 Krefeld open class V1, Anwartschaft VDH DE Ch, CAC, BR
12.05.2012 Dortmund Intermediateclass V3
15.01.2012 Nürnberg Intermediateclass V1, Anwartschaft VDH DE Ch, CAC, CACIB
05.11.2011 Luxembourg Youth Class V2
16.10.2011 Dortmund Intermediateclass V2, resAnwartschaft VDH DE Ch
14.10.2011 Dortmund Intermediateclass V1, Anwartschaft VDH DE Ch, res CAC
13.02.2011 Rheinberg Jüngstenklasse VV1 best puppy dog


Spring 2012

Bangos with about 2 years
At exhibitions and at home

Bangos Exhibition in Nürnberg

Bangos was developed by Dr. Peper rated
he was enthusiastic about it
and so he secured his first CACIB qualification


Bangos Exhibtion in Luxembourg

Bangos started on November 5, 2011 in Louxembourg in the youth class.
He received an excellent 2nd
Lisa and Renate are rightly proud of their Bangos

Exhibition LuxembourgExhibition Luxembourg

Bangos stands like a one. He definitely wants to be a “professional”

Bango’s colleague Jo Soc Famos. Lisa makes Bangos very good – maybe show handling is her future?


October 2011

After the exhibition in Dortmund there was another round of romp in the garden.

Bangos with a year

Bangos with a year

Febuary 2011

Bango’s first exhibition in Rheinberg
A great success for Lisa, who showed him off.
The kennel El Fuego del Viento took the first 3 places out of 5 dogs from the puppy class.
Bangos won in front of his sister Baika in the jump-off for the most beautiful young dog

Bangos in positionjudge picture
Bangos Pokalbouth baby dogs
two winnersLisa is proud of Bangos

the best youngest dog in Rheinberg the two winners again in pose
The show handlers in conversation Lisa is very proud of Bangos


October 2010 / January 2011

Bango’s last puppy lesson
Bangos visited his home chair with Tiesto
and really happy

October 2010

Bango’s first vacation trip in mid-October

Oktober 2010

Visit from sister Baika and mother Benga

September 2010

Bangos with four month

Juli-August- September 2010

Bangos first the month at his new family

Bangos in his new home.
You can see right, he feels “gosgreat”

Bangos neues Zuhause

Bangos at home with his new family in Mönchengladbach


Bangos befoe delivery

Bangos before delivery


Bangos with one weekBangos with eight weeks

Bangos with one and eight weeks