This is Ciwana’s page
Pictures and developments are documented here

Ciwana lives with Bärbel and Klaus in Dortmund.
Her nickname will be Frieda.
Pictures and other experiences in her life can be found here.


from Ciwana there are many videos,
we put them on an extra page Ciwana-Frieda’s Vidoes


Fall 2023

Frida in summer / autumn 23 with her master and in her own home


Autumn 2022

Pictures and impressions of Frieda in summer / autumn 22.

A few impressions from autumn 22
Frida has now grown into an adult,
very self-confident bitch who knows what she wants.
She is easy to lead and loves her pack more than anything.


Autumn 2021

Ciwana in autumn 2021
Ciwana has her own way of getting a cuddle unit,
Frida and Jade meet regularly in the forest to go on trails,
search for food bags or do subordination.
Both dogs are having fun

Winter / Summer 2021

a summer impression picture of Ciwana
Frieda meets Chewbacca during his “stopover” in Dortmund.
the two get along wonderfully.
Frieda at the hairdresser.

Autumn 2020

Autumn impressions from Frieda – an expressive bitch

Summer 2020

Ciwana in summer 2020
Practice on our dog place together with Chiwano
Then “sleep in death”for 1 1/2 hours

June 2020

Ciwana was one of the most fearless and “Fancy new things” – young dogs when meeting
She went through the bag tunnel without any problems,
mastered the jetty as if she were doing it all the time,
commands such as seat and place could also be called up.
The BallsBath was naturally well received.
Ciwana through the bag tunnelCiwana in the BallsBath
in seat command Ciwna in 
 place command

Ciwana impressions from the course:
through the bag tunnel, walk through the balls in the bathroom
Execute Kommanod seat and place.


April 2020 – March 2020

At the end of April we went for a walk in Dortmund Menglinghausen.
Jade and Frieda had fun together,
but it was important for Jade to show who was in charge.
Frieda had no problem with that.
It was a very nice walk for everyone
Ciwana visited us at home
and immediately felt at home.
There is a new photo from April.
She has become a little lady, very pretty face and structure.


February 2020


Ciwana with eleven weeks
Ciwana with 11 weeks

Ciwana at her new home

Ciwana just in the carCiwana on her mat

Ciwanas new family

Bärbel and Klaus are Ciwana’s new family.
They are living in Dortmund

Ciwana with 9 weeks

Ciwana with nine weeks


Ciwana with 6 weeksCiwana with 7 weeks

Ciwana with six and seven weeks

Ciwana with one weekCiwana with 4 weeks

Ciwana with one and with four weeks


Ciwana’s time at El Fuego del Viento Kennel

Ciwana with 2 weeksCiwana with 8 weeks

Ciwana with one and eight weeks