We want to commemorate Benga, Ringo and Baika on this page,
who are no longer with us.
Benga – Bea de las Landas del Sur 31/07/2005 – 18/04/2014
Ringo – Ares El Fuego del Viento 27/06/2008 – 23/06/2021
Baika El Fuego del Viento 28/05/2010 – 11/12/2023
Benga looked after grandchildren through Ringo, Basina and Branka.
Ringo has provided for grandchildren through his offspring,
Unfortunately, none of the dogs from this offspring went into breeding.
Baika left no descendants.

Our Senior dog Benga

Bea – called Benga

Our Male Ringo

Ares called Ringo

Our Baika


A review of their life, their development, their successes in breeding and exhibition can be viewed.