Breeding Bitch Branka

Breeding Bitch Branka




Bangos, Basinas and Brankas pegigree are below here


Branka with 8 weeks

Branka as puppy


Branka as youngster

Branka with nine months


Expositions dog Branka

Branka at a exposition



In September 2013 Branka had her first litter
She raised her puppies with great sovereignty and a lot of enthusiasm.
A male from her litter completes her pack.



Branka got her second litter in the spring of 2015.
All puppies have found a good home.
From this litter, Blue de la Clarte du Soleil made Benga a great-grandmother in June 2018
with 2 males and 3 females.



Branka got her third litter with 9 puppies in the spring of 2017.
All puppies have found a good home.
This was Branka’s last litter.