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11thAugust 2020

the galleries of the first eight weeks will be inserted now

The A-litter is now 12 years old
All owners have many great years with their dogs

Pictures 12th Birthday here


we want to introduce you to a journey through the years 2008 to 2020.
As far as we have photos, a photo is published at regular intervals.
12 years developement


27thJune 2019

The A-litter is now 11 years old
All owners have many great years with their dogs

Pictures 11th Birthday here

Spring 2019

At the beginning of the year, we get knowledge that two of the A-litter had crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Alessa Malou left us in September 2018
Andor Carlos went over the Rainbow Bridge in February.

We and their owners will surely remember and often remember them.

There are pictures of
Ares Ringo

From some we have current photos.
Please click on the name.

Pictures 10th birthday here

Jade and Aurelia had a rendezvous.
siehe Aura 2017

Bea de las Landas del sur

27th June 2008
Bea de las Landas del Sur – Truc Sisdits

Der Deckrüde Chewbucca

The stud dog Chewbacca

for more information please click on the picture


The puppies and what has become of them !!
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AaronAaron el Fuego del Viento AlanoAlano el Fuego del Viento AndorAndor el Fuego del Viento
AresAres el Fuego del Viento AlessaAlessa el Fuego del Viento AninaAnina el Fuego del Viento
  AuraAura el Fuego del Viento  

The weight gain from the first till eight week

Tabelle 1Tabelle 2

Pictures of the puppies can be seen below;
Here the development from the first week to the delivery is documented.
Furthermore, there is the picture gallery
and there the topic “7 in one go” a short version of the 9 weeks

first week second week third week
furth week fifth week sixth week
seventh week eighth week nineth week