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September 2018

Alessa went over the rainbow bridge.
The owners and we miss this great bitch
Have a good time Malou
Alessas last pictures

Alessa-Malou 2018

Alessas last pictures

Alessa-Malou 2018


June 2016

We haven’t heard from Malou for a long time.
For the birthday there were new pictures and new information
Malou had a special rendezvou with an Australian Shephard four years ago.
She was an exemplary mother to seven puppies.
The face resembles your father Chewbucca very much.
She also has a lot of her father in terms of coat color.

<Father Chewbucca 

Father Chewbucca

Mother Bea 

Mother Bea

Malou 2 yearsMalou 2 years

Alessa-Malou at Summer 2010

Malou with 15 monthsMalou with 18 months

Malou with 15 and 18 months

Malou one yearsMalou one year

Malou with one year

We visit MalouWe visit Malou

We visited with Ringo Malou in March 2009

Alessa at Winter 2008

Malou at Winter 2008


Alessa with 14 weeks

Alessa now called Malou when she was 14 weeks old


Malou  with owner Malous new family

Alessa comes to a family near Berlin


Alessa at birth Alessa with 8 weeks

Alessa at birth and at 8 weeks