This is Basina’s side
New images and current developments are documented here.

June 2023

Barely a week after Bango’s death
we now have to say goodbye to the first bitch of the B-litter.
Basina crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 13, 2023.
Unfortunately, Basina’s mistress preceded her in the spring.
I hope you see her again over there
dear Basina or Josie Karöttchen, as Bettina always liked to call her.
Fairwell Basina
Fair well and safe journey, dear Basina

May 2019

Basina in the garden Basina in the garden


Basina in the garden Basina in the garden

Basina pictures from May in her garden


Sommer 2018


Basina has the great coat color from your mother.
She has become a beautiful bitch.


Summer 2016 /

Basina is happy with her pack (husband Napathi Ataho (Rudi) and son Benu (Ben)
The three are a dream team and keep dog mom Bettina on their trap.
These are some recent pictures.
Basina looks a lot like her mother and looks like her sister Branka.
However, the head is more Dad Amigo

Father Amigo

Father Amigo

Mother Bea

Mother Bea de las Landas del sur


Spring 2015

Benu called Ben is allowed to enlarge the pack and stays with “Mama” and “Papa”

Pack enlargement Napathi

December 2014

Josie made Benga a grandmother again
Mama Jakie looked after four stiff males in the colors black and tan and barquillo.
Papa Ataho participated in the puppy education.

Josies Wurfthe four gang

July 2012

Josie looks after sheep and has great fun with it
Great pictures from photographer Karsten Vogt
can be viewed in the gallery below..


October 2011

After the exhibition in Dortmund we went on a flying visit to Schüsslers


In early September we saw Josie at the exhibition in Leuwarden.

Exhibiotn Leuwarden Netherland

Josie at the exhibition in Dortmund
May 2011

Exhibition Dortmund 2011

March 2011

Josie’s favorite toy.
Play on and with the ball.

Josie März 2011Josie March 2011

Josie’s first German exhibition Josie’s second place ensures the great success of the kennel.
Thanks to Bettina for the great success.

Exhibition Baby classExhibition Baby class
Exhibition Baby classExhibition Baby class

Josie at December 2010

She wants to wish this way “merry Christmas”

Basina Christmas 2010

Josie at 3 to 5 months A little warhorse who knows exactly what she wants.


Basina is now affectionately called Josie at 13 to 18 weeks


Basina mit 10 und 11 Wochen

Basinas new familiy

Basina’s home is with a Gos breeder in Brüggen

Basina before delivery

Basina before delivery

Basina with one weekBasina with eigth weeks

Basina with one and with eight weeks