This is Chiwano’s page
Pictures and developments are documented here

Chiwano now lives with Angelika, Gerd and Julius in Dortmund.
The new family took over his name Darwin.
Pictures and other experiences in his life can be found here.


There are also several videos from Darwin,
that’s why we’ve put them on a separate page. Chiwano’s Videos


Christmas 23

Chiwanos-Darwins Christmas greeting

Darwins Weihnachtgruß 23

Darwins Christmas greeting

Autumn 23

a little addendum from my summer vacation in Darwin

Autumn 23

second El Fuego del Viento meeting with sister and three half-siblings

Summer 2023

the resemblance is unmistakable –
who might it be- they may not be twins, but who can guess?
in the sunlight one could not distinguish them so quickly.
Zwillinge ?Zwillinge ?

spring 23

finally walks with mum possible
Holiday in Holland Callantsoog

Autumn 2022

Chiwano-Darwin autumn 22
Darwin loves his mistress dearly,
Pictures from the garden and walks


Autumn 2021

Darwin with Jade while trailing in a small wooded area.
Darwin was with Frida and Jade at a dog seminar in Siegerland
Many possibilities were shown, which sports / activities are possible
Agility and nose searching were just a few examples.
Darwin was obviously having fun.


Winter / Summer 2021

Darwin’s pastime in the garden
Darwin and Chewbacca meet in the dog park
while Chewie waits for his new home.
Chiwana after the visit at the hairdresser.

Autumn 2020

new impressions of Darwin in his new realm
On vacation and at home

September 2020

Darwin on short break in North Holland
He likes the beach,
the walks with the pack.
Even a visit to the beach bar worked out great.
Nice to see how it is more and more popular.


August 2020

We meet Darwin and Frieda with their pack
sometimes in the dog park, sometimes in the field
to work or to have contact
The two get along really well


August 2020

Darwin has been with his new family since August 4th and is getting used to it.



Darwin moved to his new family at the beginning of August.
He immediately feels comfortable and enjoys playing.

Chiwano's neue Familie

Darwins new family Angelika, Gerd and Julius

July 2020

Chiwano visting Chanta.
One hardly believes that these are siblings.
Chiwano appears huge compared to Chanta.
Both had great fun, understood each other immediately
and ran for a race, could hardly get enough of each other.
But they were also during a small snack from the dog handlers,
calm and relaxed under the table.
Chiwano involuntarily took a bath;
it didn’t bother him much, he was just a little puzzled,
that you can’t walk on the water of a pool.

Chiwano im Garten bei ChantaChiwano and Chanta

He is looking for his playmate – they eye each other

Chiwano  pitschnassChiwano and Chanta playing

Trying to walk on the water – both are waiting for a prompt



June 2020

Darwin grows and thrives, he is now 6 months old
Chiwano with 6 monthsChiwano 6 months
Chiwano with 6 monthsChiwano 6 months


Spring 2020

Darwin has a lot of fun with his new family.
he enjoys the walks.

March 2020


Lisa, Chris, Ella and Oscar are his new family.
They are living in Brüssel, Belgium
Chiwano new family

February 2020


Chiwano with eleven weeks

Chiwano with 11 weeks

Chiwano with nine weeks

Chiwano with 6 weeksChiwano with 7 weeks

Chiwano with six and seven weeks

Chiwano with 3 weeksChiwano with 4 weeks

Chiwano with one and with four weeks


Chiwano’s time at El Fuego del Viento Kennel

Chiwano with 2 weeksChiwano with 8 weeks

Chiwano with two and eight weeks