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Farewell Belana
Belana crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 6th, 2023.
Have a good trip
We feel for Heike and Willi for their darling.
Keep her in good memory.
She looks now after her siblings Baika, Banu, Branka and Bungee along
with her sister Basina, her brothers Biego, Belano, Bomo and Bangos.

Last update September 8th, 2023
Belana has begun her final journey.
We want a few nice pictures of the senior from August
make available here.
Have a good trip, dear Belana
Many will look up to you.



May 2020

Belana at 10 years old.
She still loves sticks.

Belana 10 years


May 2019

Belana on her observation post.

Belana 2019

May 2018

Unfortunately we don’t have many pictures of Belana.

Belana 8 Jahre Belana 8 years


May 2016

Belana at 6 years.
There are meadow pictures of her.
Belana has a lot of her mother, her temperament and herding instinct come from it.
In terms of color, the maternal grandfather (Dschowo’s Rico) prevailed.
In terms of fur length, too, it beats more in Benga’s line.

Grandfather Dschowo's Rico 

Grandfather Dschowo’s Rico

Mother Bea 

Mother Bea de las Landas del sur

Spring 2012

Belana at 2 years old.
A minor injury was a handicap for several months,
but she takes it easy.
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January 2012

We visited Belana with Ringo in tow.
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a nice picture from Belana in Summer 2011

Belana one year old

Juni 2011

Belana visited her sister
Baika clearly showed her home advantage
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8 till 12 months

The photo gallery shows Belana at 8 to 12 months
Belana in the winter 2010/2011
Belana on a skiing holiday in Switzerland
Belana on the home balcony in May 2011
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Belanas new family 

Belanas new famliy

Belana with nine weeks

Belana in the gardenher loving place

Belana comes to a family in Essen
she stayed with us until the end of August.

Belana befoe delievery

Belana before delivery

Belana with a weekBelana with 8 weeks

Belana with one week          Belana with eight weeks