This is Biego’s side
New images and current developments are documented here


We say goodbye to our first “B” litter male Biego

Biego walked over the Rainbow Bridge on January 16, 2020.
I would have given him a few more years with Sabine and Wolfgang.
So he could spend at least 6 great years with his family
Too bad that he had to go first.
I will think of this great dog very often.
Farewell “great man”.


Here are the last pictures of Biego’s dog pack.

Biego at walk in end of 2019

Biego at walk in end of 2019

Biego mit Baby Jara und Chika

Biego and his pack
Baby of the family Jara
old lady Chika


May 2019

Biego on one of his hikes with owners and mistresses

Biego Spring 2019


Summer 2018

Biego clearly feels comfortable.
His fur has become very long
and therefore more and more resembles his father.


Summer 2016

Biego has a new hobby agility.
He obviously enjoys it and enjoys it a lot.
We are happy that he feels so comfortable in his new home
and he gets along so well with bitch Kira.
Many thanks to Wolfgang and Sabine for the great work.
Biego comes down to his grandfather Ivan and father Amigo.

Grandfather Ivan 

Grandfather Ivan Sisdits

Father Amigo 

Father Amigo

Summer 2015

Biego on an excursion to the Spremberg dam.
Now he finally looks like 3 years ago.
And is happy about his life with Wolfgang, Sabine and companion Kira.
The last two pictures are from his home in the garden.
Thanks to the two of them that Biego is finally at home.

Biego Summer 2014
Biego Summer 2014
Biego Summer 2014

Biego im neuen GartenBiego im neuen Garten

August 2014

We visited Biego in his new home.
He recognized us immediately and raged in the garden with his new girlfriend Kira.
We thank his new owners for the beautiful afternoon and evening.

May 2014

Max is now called Biego again.
He has settled in well in his new home with a nice couple and a mixed breed dog.
Here are two recent photos
We sincerely wish him to remain his ultimate family.

Max with Wolfgang and Sabine
Biego in Großräschen

April 2014

We hope that Max has finally found his family
He moves and we report as soon as Max settles in
The picture is from winter 2014. His fur is slowly resembling that of a goat.

Spring 2013

We visited Max in Bavaria
He settled in very well
His fur unfortunately had to be sheared in January, but it grows back quickly.
Max obviously had fun with us and Benga, as can be seen in the gallery below.


Max – Biego El Fuego del Viento has found his new home
Max moved to his new home after Christmas 2012

Max is searching a new home

Spring 2012

Max visits us in Dortmund

Autumn 2011

Max new Hobby: Agility

Biegos new HobbyBiegos new Hobby

Max first / second year

Holiday at summer 2011
Max with 4-6 month
Biego with 10 weeks till 8 months


Biegos new home

Biego’s home is with a couple from Boxtel in the Netherlands
Biego is now called Max.

Biego before delivery

Biego before delivery

Biego with a weekBiego with eight weeks

Biego with one and eight weeks