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Spring 2021

Our visit to Aurelia took place in May 2021.
We met near the banks of the Rhine
and went for a walk through a small wood.
We didn’t miss a picnic on a bench in Corona times.



Pictures from our vacation with a visit from Aurelia in Holland
Unfortunately the owner no longer has the house in Holland
and we now have to go to Rodenkirchen to visit them.
Last impressions from Holland


Spring 2018

Aura Spring 2018

a picture from Holland spring 2018


July 2017

Again a date with Aurelia and Jade.
Her nine years are not yours.
It is and remains a big racing roll.

Summer 2016

We meet Aurelia regularly in Holland.
This year Jade and Aurelia talked and also played.
Here the mother has unmistakably left her genes.
Fur color is from grandmother Jule, the building compactness from father Chewie.

Grandmother Jule  

Grandmother Jule

Mother Benga  

Mother Benga

Grandfather Chewbucca  

Grandfather Chewbucca


May 2014

Aurelia in Holland
Aurelia has more and more similarities to Benga.
The head is pure Benga, only the hair color is different  
Aurelia 6 yearsactually pure benga

Aurelia 6 years a great expression

June 2013

Aurelia and Benga together in Holland
You have to look closely to differentiate between Benga and Aurelia.
In the following photo gallery everyone can get an idea.
The resolution comes in a few weeks.

June 2012

Aurelia also has her vacation home in North Holland-St. Martinszee
We met for a dune walk

We visited Aurelia with Benga and Ringo We visited Aurelia with Benga and Ringo

Ringo and Benga visit Aurelia April 2010


Aura 1 1/2 years Aura 1 1/2 years

Aurelia with 1 1/2 years


Aura with Ringo in Cologne Aura with Ringo in Cologne

Ringo and Aurelia at May 2009 in Cologne


Aura 8 Monate Aura  8 months

Aurelia with 11 months


a great expression Auras second home Netherland

Aurelia at spring 2009


Aurelia and her mistress Aurelia mit 12 Wochenwith 12 weeks

Aura now called Aurelia with 12 weeks

Auras new owner

Aura goes to a lady near Cologne


Aura at birth Aura with 8

Aura at birth and with eight weeks