This is Baika’s side
New images and current developments are documented here.

May 2015

This page will not be updated any further,
Developments and reports on Baika can be found here. Birthday

Time is racing, now it is 6 years old
A few impressions from 2015 and 2016.
Baika has a lot of her grandmother Jule – size and hair color
The long hair definitely comes from the father Amigo.
The head is more from the mother.

Grandmother Jule

Grandmother Jule

Father Amigo

Father Amigo

Mother Bea

Mother Bea de las Landas del sur

Spring 2014

At the moment the El Fuego del Viento pack is traveling a lot together.
A few impressions in the following gallery.


A little look back at 2013
Meeting with siblings, vacation in Holland.
Or just playing round, game rounds or.
Walks with pack members in the area.

May 2012

May was all about brothers meeting.
In early May, Baika met Bangos for breeding approval.
In the middle of May we visited Paule am Möhnesee.
In the second half of May Max came to visit us from Holland.
At the end of May Tiesto from Rheda-Wiedenbrück came to visit us
on the last day of May Tinos from Dortmund came for a short flying visit.
Baika was very popular with all males;
there were large rounds of play in the gardens.

April 2012

Impressions from the annual Holland short trip

April 2012

Baika’s HD evaluation has arrived, it is HD-free
this means that all four X-rayed dogs do not have HD

January 2012

Baika has had great success in Hoogstraten
Out of 7 bitches she came in second place
Only mom’s experience was greater
We are proud of this success


November 2011

Baika has passed the companion dog exam
We are proud of this success

October 2011

After the exhibition in Dortmund I had a great visit

Deckchair diva

The “Deckchair diva” September 2011

September 2011.

Baika at an exhibition in Leuwarden and she is doing really well

Baika LeuwardenBaika Leuwarden  

May 2011

Baika at the exhibition in Dortmund

Baika Exhibition 2011  

Spring 2011

Garden paintings by Baika
Play with the mother
Play with the half brother Ringo.

February 2011

“Women’s vacation” in Holland
We women – Angela, Irish, Karen Benga and Baika have each other
let the wind blow around your ears for four days.
The weather was wonderful
only I had too much fun with the birds and was only allowed to walk with a towline;
but once I got away from them anyway
Mom found me again –
of course I would have found my pack !!!!

February 2011

Baika’s great success in Rheinberg.

Baikas RunBaikas Lauf

Baika is in a great position and Baika’s run with the Iren

Baika in positionIren's Freude

Baika is in a great position and Iren’s joy about the victory

Exhibition RheinbergExhibition Rheinberg

The winners Bangos and Baika with the best puppy dog ​​the winners in the puppy class

January 2011

Great visit from Baika’s brothers Tiesto and Bangos.

December 2010

The snow has us under control
Walk in the Boemke, play with Tinos, play Santa Claus.

Novemberr 2010

We went up to the young dog school
and have gained their first snow experiences.

October 2010

Benga, Baika and Ringo – Attempts at family reunification
Upbringing is making great progress, leash is great,
new puppy group is fun, I can swim too.

September 2010

This month means getting to know a lot of new things, e.g. my half sister Aurelia,
a new group of puppies and familiar things like playing with my mom.

August 2010

Baikas and Tinos third puppy-lession.


Baikas and Tinos at their puppy-lession.

Baika and TinosPuppylession in Aplerbeck

Together with Tinos (Bungee), Baika visits the puppy school
Tinos defends Baika when she was afraid of a “big” Hovawart.

Baikas toyall four in the field

Baika and her toy, unfortunately it did not survive the round of four.
The gang of four in the field

Baika researchBaika cheeky and research

Baika looking a little brisk and cheeky cheeky Baika

Baika in our garden

Baika stays with us

Baika puppy school

Baika with nine weeks

Baika with nine weeks

Baika with one weekBaika with eight weeks

Baika with one and with eight weeks