Ringo’s cover file is listed on this page.
It is important to our breed to ensure healthy and family-friendly offspring.
We choose Ringo’s deck partners with great care.
The mating is intended to expand the breeding potential and the character and building of both dogs are matched as closely as possible


Ringo has successfully covered three times:

Febuary 2013 Feli-Gina aus dem Dolberger Holz 5 males / 2 females
July 2011 Etoille a Dream of Bear’d 4 males / 3 females
November 2010 Quilate de Valdegoscan 5 males / 2 females


Feli-Gina vom Dolberger Holz


third mating act
Febuary 2013 Feli-Gina aus dem Dolberger Holz.
Throwing day: 22th April 2013 5 males und 2 females

Feli-Gina is an award-winning dog with several national and daily titles.
She raises her litters with great dedication and self-assurance.


second mating act
July 2011 Etoile a Dream of Bear’d.
Throwing day: 11th September 2011 4 males und 3 females

Etoile is a black beauty from Belgium.
She confidently raises her first litter.


Quilate de valdegoscan


first mating act
November 2010 Quilate de Valdegoscan
Throwing day: 17th January 2011 5 males / 2 females

Quilate is an award-winning bitch with light fur.
She is an experienced bitch who gave her third litter a lot of devotion.
From this mating Esplendigos Gaudi comes,
who successfully follows in his father’s footsteps
and won many awards at exhibitions.
Gaudi is still waiting for a robbing beauty
He passed the hurdles of breeding approval with flying colors.