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Spring 2023

Tinos reminds me a lot of our Ares from the A-litter
especially when it comes to colour
For his 13 years he is still very mobile and fit

Bungee playing with the wind Bungee - Tinos with 13 years

Spring 2020
Bungee-Tinos with 10 years
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May 2019
Tinos at the campsite with owners and mistresses.
Bungee-Tinos 2019

May 2018
A few pictures of bungee tinos.
Tinos has the beautiful pigmentation and color from his mother,
that you hardly see today.

Bungee-Tinos 2018
Bungee-Tinos 2018
A great expression

A great expression


Mai 2016
A few pictures of bungee tinos when visiting our garden.
Tinos comes from his coat very much on his father when he was about that age.
Of the building, the mother has the main part, slim and wiry.


Father Amigo

Father Amigo

Mother Benga

Mother Benga


Tinos about 3 1/4 years
autumn 2013
little game unit with the dear sister



Tinos with years
Spring 2012
a little cuddler and always ready to play



Tinos at summer 2011
and autumn 2011



Tinos at May 2011

Tinos May 2011

November / Dezember 2010
Tinos with five / six months



Oktober 2010
Tinos with four / five months



August 2010
third puppy play lesson by Tinos and Baika



Puppy play lesson in Aplerbeck
Getting to know tunnels, tires, here command, line handling
Baika and Tinos are in the same playgroup



Tinos first 3 weeks in the new home
Puppy lesson in Aplerbeck

Bungee new family

Bungee – now called Tinos – is at home with a couple in Dortmund

Bungee before delivery

Bungee before delivery

Bungee with a weekBungee with nine weeks

Bungee with one and nine weeks