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Summer 2020

  Alano twelve years old

Alano 12 years


Summer 2018

We also got current pictures from Alvaro.
at the age of 10 a seniorAlano 10 years


Summer 2016

We also got current pictures from Alvaro.
He is lively and fidel and has gone through his up and push phase.
In the expression on the head you can see a lot of his mother,
in terms of color, the grandfather prevailed on the mother’s side.
he comes from the building very much after his father.

Grandfather Rico 

Grandfather Dschowo’s Rico

Mother Bea 

Mother Bea

Father Chewbucca 

Father Chewbucca


September 2012


On our trip to Denmark we made a detour to Kiel and visited Alano (Alvaro)

  Alano two years old

Alvaro-Alano at 2 years old – now a great male


Alvaro with a year Alvaro with a year

Alvaro with a year – running and sticking his favorite pastime


Alano with 8 month Alano with 8 months

Alvaro at 8 months – a great expression and movement


Our visit to Alano 
Our visit to Alano

We visited Alvaro in November 2008

Alano with 14 weeks

Alano with 14 weeks

Alanos new family

Alano comes to a family near Kiel.
His name is now Alvaro


Alano atb birth Alano with 8 weeks

Alano at birth and with 8 weeks