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We say goodbye to our second “B” litter male Baleno – Paule

Baleno walked over the Rainbow Bridge on January 06, 2021.
I would have given him a much years with Sabine and Paul.
I will think of this great dog very often.
This picture was the last one we get.
Farewell Paule.


Spring 2020

Baleno 10 JahreYears

Baleno 10 years
looks dangerous


Mai 2019

Baleno May 2019

Baleno at May 2019



Baleno scrambles Baleno Sleep position

Balenos Sleep position


May 2018

Baleno at a walk    Baleno full of joie de vivre

Here are two pictures of Baleno-Paule walking

You can really see his joy in life ..
Rolling is one of the best things in life

May 2016

Sabine and Paul have sent us new garden paintings from Paule.
see below

Paules basic color has meanwhile developed into a gris (gray).
there is the grandmother (Turca de Campdura) on the mother’s side
and the grandfather (Ivan Sisdits) enforced on the paternal side
see both pictures next door

Grandfather Ivan Sisdits

Grandfather Ivan (Pico) Sisdits


Grandmother Turca (Jule) de Campdura



Oktober 2013


Baleno in seinem neuen Zuhauseat his new home Baleno and his new girl friend

Paule feels “really good”
His family is very happy with him.
You don’t want to give it back.
His new girlfriend is crazy about him (see below).
We are happy that Paule has found his final home.


September 2012

Paule's new home with Sabine and Paule

Paule has found a new home
A namesake Paul and Sabine and two cats are Paules new family.
He clearly feels comfortable and the two new “leaders” are happy
to have found him.


Mai 2012

We visited Paule.
He is unmistakably Benga’s son, both in terms of power and looks.


Spring 2011

Paule from February to April

Baleno Robber Hotzenplotz    Baleno on a flying visit

Balenos was with us for a brief visit,
We went on a field trip.

Balenos new home

Baleno’s home is with a couple at Lake Mohnesee
His name is now Paule

Baleno before delivery

Baleno before delivery

Baleno with a week    Baleno with eight weeks

Baleno with one and eight weeks