This is Draik’s Frodo’s side
New pictures and current developments are documented here.


Draik-Frodos Videos

Spring 2024

Draiks KunststückChillen im Haus

Frodo’s tricks and peace in the house

August 2022 till Dezember 2023

Impressions of Draik
in spring and summer, during vacations and activities as well as Christmas greetings 2023

September 2022

a great cuddle unit for Frodo from his mistress.
Draik cuddling

August 2022

another young dog that we have already been able to visit.
We made a “big trip” from our vacation home to Denmark,
to see what Draik’s new home looks like.
He has a real paradise, lots of space, exercise and his buddy Nikki,
as well as his human pack Birgit and Mikael, who have meanwhile grown into a dream couple.
It’s nice to see how happy people and dogs are.

June 2022

the first months of Draik in a gallery,
if we get more photos, they will be published here.

May – June 2022

Draik with his new family

Draik with Birgit and Mikael

Draik new home is with Birgit and Mikael and a Gos male Nikki in Denmark near Kopenhagen.
His name is Frodo now.

Draik before departure

Draik before departure

Draik with one weekDraik with eight weeks

Draik with one and 8 weeks