This is Colina’s page
Pictures and developments are documented here

Colina lives with Wolfgang and Ingrid Lankau.
Her nickname will be Luna.
Pictures and other experiences in her life can be found here.


There are also several videos from Colina,
that we want to show in one place.
Colina-Luna’s Videos


Summer / Fall 2023

Pictures of walks, with her family, resting in chairs and more

Autumn 2022

Pictures of walks, playing with great buddies, mothering masters and mistresses


August 2022

Holidays in the holiday home of Colina’s mistress
We spent almost a week in the picturesque lake district.
We visited all the dogs that lived nearby from the litters / mating records.
Colina was very happy to see us again.
the dogs had fun with a walk and a little drink in their garden.

Autumn 2021

a few autumn impressions
Colina accompanies her pack everywhere and the sights are visited
A Briard buddy takes care of Luna’s private moments
Her hobbies are swimming and taking her masters on a walk.


Winter / Summer 2021

some summer impressions of Luna
Colina prefers to stay on the sofa in cold weather, but then the snow is interesting
Practice walking on the bike – it works great!


Autumn 2020

Luna on the move with her pack,
in the forest, in the castle park, on the meadow.
Luna enjoys life in her garden
Colina cooling off at the high temperatures
Their fur grows and so does their pony
Cavaletti Sport – great


July 2020

another Video of Luna see Videos


June 2020

In June we visited Colina in her home.
She has become a bright, agile and curious young dog,
recognized us immediately and did not want to stop greeting.
Of course, a lot of pictures were taken,
we would like to show a few pictures here.


Here are pictures provided by Ingrid and Wolfgang.
We have new pictures of Colina from her home
There is a video with her Briard buddy see video


Spring 2020

She greets you at Easter and enjoys the pure sun.
Luna in her garden and at home as well as in the puppy school

March 2020

A Visit for Luna from Berlin
see Videos up

My coach and my car

Colina my carColina makes herself comfortable

Colina in her vacation home

Colina just arrivedColina erstmal schlafenfirst sleep

Colinas new family

Ingrid and Wolfgang are her new family now.
She will live in Lankau

Colina with 9 weeks

Colina with nine weeks


Colina with 5 weeksColina with 6 weeks

Colina with six and seventh weeks

Colina with one weekColina with 4 weeks

Colina with one and with four weeks


Colinas time at the El Fuego del Viento Kennel

Colina with 2 weeksColina with 8 weeks

Colina with two and eight weeks