There are numerous videos from Cuni
therefore we put them on an extra page.
these can now be viewed in peace.


November 2021

Frida on autumn vacation
a short vacation in the beautiful Sauerland
She enjoys the riot and the cold weather.


Oktober 2021

PPC-Seminar im Siegerlande
Lots of dogs, lots of impressions, lots of fun and much more,
as the little videos show




August 2021

Upbringing Frida – practicing tricks at the same time – strengthening impulse control

November 2020

Beauty weeekend for Frida
she loves it very much


October 2020

Frida likes to be the hunted in racing games.
or is she just the fastest?


Frida in the garden has fun with her playmate – a Briard –
she doesn’t put up with anything and holds against it or with.

August 2020

Frida is having fun romping in the sea.
She has fun in the water with a blond larger dog
You can tell the joy of life in both dogs.

In search of cancer
Digging plays an important role on your vacation on Föhr.
What perseverance she is dealing with. A nice picture


August 2020

she swims back and forth between master and mistress in the Baltic Sea.
and obviously having fun, a little water rat.


June 2020

Cuni brings sticks out of the water with much fun.


June 2020

Cuni’s vacation in the Eifel,
with lots of water and lots of fun.
If master then comes into the water himself
there is no stopping at all.

another “water rats” video from Frida

that’s vacation


May 2020

Great view!! But be careful with your head!
Cuni – a new sport?
she has a lot of fun.

Cuni new hobbies: drift ball and sniff carpet
She is very clever, maybe drift ball becomes her hobby.


March 2020

Cuni great 5 minutes in her living room – a new video

Cuni-Frida is enjoying her bones

Until he is completely gone, however
she still has a lot of work to do.

Februar 2020


Cuni in a short video while walking


Cuni moving into her new home

first video