On this page everything is up to date about our family growth
and Angelas opinions about breeding and propagation


29th July 2023
Daja has mastered the first steps towards breeding approval
a show in the intermediate class with an excellent
We are happy about this success


the D-litter has landed D-Litter


We report on all litters
of the search for the suitable male,
the wedding, the pregnancy,
the birth and the puppy rearing.
This is different for each litter,
it also depends on the time that Mistress had.



We report on the offspring from our litters,
that are not in our possession
as well as their litters or cover files and
also success in exhibitions and sports.

These are children and grandchildren of Benga,
her successes at exhibitions and her litters.

From Benga’s litters, Ares, Branka, Basina and Bangos went into the breed.
From Ares offspring Esplendigos Gaudi went into the breed.
From Branka’s offspring is Blue de la Clarte du soleil in the breed
and made Benga a great-grandmother posthumously in 2018.

Offspring und Dogs in Breed