The months of September / October join the tournament list with a large number of tournaments.

The state championship Westfallen and the NRW ROC,

Wickede Asseln, Oespel Kley, Möhnesee and Dorsten

are some of the stops. Jade and Baika are doing great and

so we were able to score well this weekend in Oespel Kley with 2 excellent performances.

Only because of the bad times Jade slipped past a podium place.

We are very proud of these achievements.

It was fun to see some very nice runs

To cheer on RO comrades during their runs and to be happy with them about the beautiful results.

From November there will be a winter break until March – as far as tournaments are concerned.

In 2021 we will also step back a little here

and probably not report as many tournaments anymore.

We will continue to report.

Here are the two videos from Jade’s runs

and now from Baika