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11th April 2021

Now Anina has also followed her siblings over the rainbow bridge.
Take care little mouse

Anina 12 years


Summer 2020.

You don’t even see Anina at her 12 years of age.
She is fit and healthy.

Anina 12 years


Summer 2016.

Summer’s face didn’t change much.
In terms of color, the father has gone through.
From the building and facial expression she has a lot of her mother and grandmother Jule.

Anina 8 years
Grandmother Turca de Campura - Jule 

Grandmother Jule

Mother Bea 

Mother Bea

Summer was at the “hairdresser

Anina-Summer was at the “hairdresser”


Summer 2012

a great bitch

Anina Summer with 1 3/4 a pretty bitch

we visit Summer

a visit from us to Summer


Anina at winter We visit Summer

Summer with 1 1/2 years

Anina one year Anina ein Jahr
Anina 1 Jahr alt Anina one year

Summer one year old


Anina with 12 weeks Anina with twelve weeks

Anina now called Summer with 12 weeks

Anina best buddy<

Summers best buddy

Aninas new family

Anina comes to a family in Bremen


Anina at birth Anina with 8 weeks

Anina at birth and with 8 weeks