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January 2023

Last pictures of Tiesto
In the afternoon Tiesto went for a walk with the family,
allowed to hunt rabbits
walk between family members
just a happy dog.

Bomo has fun playing ball

Bomo-Tiesto has fun playing ball

Bomo has just come from the rabbit hunt

Bomo-Tiesto has just come from the rabbit hunt

Tiesto really enjoys the family walk.


Tiesto at 30th January 2023

Summer 2022

Bomo-Tiesto mit seinen Figuren

Bomo-Tiesto and his figures

Tiesto and his playmate.
He can still keep up well with his 12 years.

Spring 2020

Bomo-Tiesto im Wald

Bomo-Tiesto while forest walk
Bomo-Tiesto while forest walk


May 2019

Bomo-Tiesto has fun

Tiesto with his dog sitter. He’s obviously having fun



Tiesto visiting us.


September 2015

We met Bomo for a pack walk.
Here you can see how big jade is.

Forest walk
forest walk
forest walk

May 2014

Baika and Tiesto met during a vacation in Holland
and enjoyed water, wind and sun

Bomo holliday Holland

June 2013

Baika and Tiesto on a beautiful toboggan

September 2012

A picture book photo by Tiesto.



Spring 2012 / Summer 2012

Tiesto on a river walk
Tiesto is on vacation on the Baltic Sea


Winter 2012

Tiesto’s HD evaluation has arrived
he has an HD B1 hip, i.e. no HD


Autumn walk

Tiesto with owner in October 2011


Easter walk

Baika was visiting in May 2011
Summer impressions


March / April 2011

A great walk
Vacation on the Moselle
Play with my best friend


December 2010 / January 2011

The first snow falls. Tiesto really enjoys it
The snow doesn’t matter to a Catalan.
Tiesto and Bangos visit their home kennel
and have super fun with them


October / November 2010

Tiesto at five months after moving to a new home and taking a walk
At the beginning of November we went on a long trip to the sea.
Visiting us in January and pictures of his home.


August 2010

Tiestos first month at his new home

Bomo at his new home

Bomos neue Familie

Bomo’s home is with a couple from Rheda-Wiedenbrück
Bomo is now called Tiesto

Bomo before delivery

Bomo befoe delivery

Bomo with one weekBomo with eight weeks

Bomo with one and with eight weeks