30th November 2019

Jade Autumn 2019

Jade gave birth to a colorful puppy box.
Father is Ignacio Jordi von den Hexen.

colourful mix

the pedigree of the puppies are here:
pedigree puppies

Everything else about the litter now

C-Litter and Breed – C-Litter


May 2018


Ringo accompanied Jade to Holland for a week.
The two had a lot of fun together and raged,
both at the house and on the beach and in the Pettener dunes.
Please look at the galery.

August 2017

A little trip to a pretty young man
He is a two year old male with a great character
The two should sniff each other; the chemistry was definitely right.
Lokk at the following galery.

June 2017

A Holland vacation together with Jade and Baika
Look at the following galery.

Summer 2017

Jade is successfully run in the dog sports Rally Obedience and Nose Search.
With dog handler Angela, she is now running in class 1 in the Rally Obedience
with some very nice successes in the excellent and very good range.
Her favorite hobby is the nose search, which she performs with enthusiasm
and her two objects – a small piece of leather and a coin safely finds.

May / June 2017

Jade Sommer 2017


Jade at Summer 2017
Her ears are now very pigmented from gray to brown to fox-colored


May 2016

Our “little one” is meanwhile our big one.
All prerequisites for breeding permission have been met.
On May 7, we also took this hurdle:
Unrestricted breed approval.

January 2016

Our “little mouse” has become a “giant mouse”.
She is taller than Baika.
A happy news: Jade’s hip evaluation is here: HD A1
At the moment she is getting brighter.
The training is making significant progress.
The first step to breeding approval is done.

Jade 2016


October 2015

Jade’s preparation for the “Begleithundprüfung” begins.

She is very attentive and wants to work.
Let’s see when we can sign up.


Summer 2015

This year we were often in Holland.
Jade enjoys the time and has a lot of fun. Sometimes with Baika.
More pictures will be available soon under picture gallery and topics.

April 2015

Jade’s hobby nose / sniffing
She is still looking in a small field of debris
for an object of 0.5 cm width and 4 cm length
the object is visible in the third picture. 
The procedure is as follows
First we wait for a command, then the rubble field is searched
when the object is found, it lays down in front of it and holds the muzzle to the object.
After that, there is a reward on the item.

Nasensuchen Nasensuche
Nasensuche Nasensuche



March 2015

With a little melancholy – Jade’s last puppy lesson
Now it goes to the junior dog school


Jade Februar 2015

Jade at February 2015




Jade’s first
snow experience with 4 1/2 month


Jade with 15 weeks


Jade with 12 Weeks



Jade on her arrival at 9 weeks



Jade with 5 weeks in her home kennel in France