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April 2024

Jade at the photographer
compare it to the picture a year ago.
Jade Spring 2024

Happy BirthdayHappy BirthdayHappy BirthdayHappy Birthday

28th Augustst 2023
Happy ninth birthday dear Jade

Now our Jade is already a senior,
time flew by.
We wish for many more years with this great bitch,
and are happy that they are still in many sports –
Rally Obedience, Hoopers, Nosework and Mantrailing.

Jade with nine years
Senior Jade

Jade’s promised gallery for her 9th birthday in the theme gallery. Jade studies

Spring 2023

Jade and fotoshooting
Jade Spring 2023

October 2022

a video and a gallery of a walk in the forest see Jade IV

we visit Dali see page Jade part IV

August 2022

Jade and its development in 8 years

we are visiting Dali see Jade IV

10th March 2022

our puppies are born
we are glad; all are health.

Our puppies

January / February 2022

We are particularly looking forward to our D-litter in mid-March
and wish Jade a pleasant pregnancy.
We want to show a beautiful wedding photo from the date with Dali
on the weekend of January 7th to 10th here.

Puppies are expected If you are interested, please let us know

14th February 2022

Jade is slowly gaining weight and waist size;
so at the moment she particularly enjoys daily cuddles
through brushing, cuddling and also a little pampering.

More information at:
Our Litters and D-Litter and First date Jade and Dali and Pregnancy and Litter Planning and Breed
Years Gallery and Thema Gallery

December 2021

Jade, Frieda and Darwin have one / more hobbies in common.
We meet several times a month to investigate.
here we show a track of jade and
an attempt at play by Darwin and Jade.



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Jade Part IV and Jade Part III and Jade Part II and Jade Part I