September 2021

We split Jade’s page into several parts
For the individual parts, see the links at the bottom of the page

December 2021

Jade, Frieda and Darwin have one / more hobbies in common.
We meet several times a month to investigate.
here we show a track of jade and
an attempt at play by Darwin and Jade.


September 2021

In September we took part in a seminar in the Siegerlande dog center.
It was about everyday problems such as dog encounters and being on a leash
and also about ways to keep the dog busy and to capacity.
We show pictures; there are more in the
Annual gallery and in the thematic area

August 2021

A summer festival took place in our dog sports club Lütgendortmund I in mid-August.
People and dogs had fun and managed a little fun course together
We show a few pictures here

24th August 2021

Our mouse is 7 years old.
We wish for many more years with this wonderful bitch.

Jade 7 Years

30th November 2019

Jade Autumn 2019

Jade gave birth to a colorful puppy box.
Father is Ignacio Jordi von den Hexen.

colourful mix

the pedigree of the puppies are here:
pedigree puppies

Everything else about the litter now

C-Litter and Breed – C-Litter


here the Links to
Jade Part III und
Jade Part II und
Jade Part I