This is Calimero’s page
Pictures and developments are documented here

Calimero lives with Heike, Hajo and Luis in Krefeld.
His nickname is now Campi.
Pictures and other experiences in his life can be found here.


Autumn 2023

Campi loves the mountains, impressions see below

Autumn 2022

impression from Campi on holiday in Tyrol and in the mood to play with a ball


Autumn 2021

a few nice holiday pictures have been added to the gallery


Winter 2021

some snow joys from Calilmero-Campi in winter 2021


Autumn 2020

some autumn impressions of Calimero
in the garden, on a walk

June 2020

Calimero instantly made friends with Cuni,
the two raged all afternoon.
in the course, Calimero sometimes needed some persuasion,
went super slalom through treats.
The balls bath was inspected with individual paws.

Calimero through the delicious slalomCalimero in seat command
Calimeros sniffing partbalanced game with Cuni
Calimeros playing with Cuni

Calimero’s impressions from the meeting:
through the slalom, command seat
A lot of games with Cuni.

April 2020

Calimero – Campi promotions in a new pack
be it a wildlife park, a walk along the Rhine
or just be with the family on the terrace;
Campi learns a lot of new things.


March 2020

Calimero in its element

Calimero's great five minutesCalimeroom a walk

February 2020


The new family -Hajo-Heike-Luis- of Calimero

Calimeros new family

Calimero at eleven weeks after the puppy hour
and on the arm of the new owner

Calimero with his new ownerCalimero with 11 weeks

Calimero with nine weeks


Calimero with 5 weeksCalimero with 6 weeks

Calimero with five and with six weeks

Calimero with 1 weeksCalimero with 3 weeks

Calimero with one and with three weeks

Calimero’s time at the El Fuego del Viento Kennel

Calimero with 2 weeksCalimero with 8 weeks

Calimero with two and eight weeks