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June 2021

Shortly before his 13th birthday, Ringo suddenly and surprisingly left us.
He leaves a huge gap in our kennel and with Heike and Andy.
Thank you, Ringo for your love, loyalty and your great character .
You will always be remembered.
Greetings to our Benga for us.

a little review in Ringo’s Life

Farewell Ringo

27th June 2008 – 23th June 2021

Herbst 2020

There have been few pictures of Ringo lately
Here we want a few impressions of walks with Jade in the field, in the Boemke
or visit us.
Now he is unmistakably our “Senior”


Spring 2020

Ares with 12 years

At the age of 12, Ringo is fit and flexible.


Spring 2018

At the age of 10, Ringo is still gos-fidel.

Ares with 10 years

June 2016

Ringo is now a “set” man.
There are also new pictures of him for his birthday
The face resembles his father Chewbucca very much.
He has a lot of Benga in character.
Mother and grandfather mixed colors.

Mother Benga   

Mother Benga

Father Chewie   

Father Chewie


Spring 2014

Ringo spring 2014Ringo searching is pack

Ringo is searching for his pack

Ringo spring 2014Ringo spring 2014

Ringo Spring 2014


Ares photoshooting Ares Europasieger 2010

Ringo Photo shooting Summer 2010

Ringo Europasieger 2010

Ares at a exhibition

Ringo at exhibiton in Erfurt

Ringo with his sister AureliaRingo with 10 months


Ares in the dog place Ares 
in the dog place

Ringo with 8 months

Ares with 12-13 Wochenweeks

Ares now called Ring with 12 till 13 weeks

Ares new family

Ares will live at friends in Dortmund


Ares at birht Ares with 8 weeks

Ares at birth and with eight weeks