This is Charal’s page
Pictures and developments are documented here

Charal lives with Silke, Johannes, Niklas and Fynn in Hude.
Her nickname will be Cara.
Pictures and other experiences in her life can be found here.

Winter 2023 2024

Two of Charal-Cara’s favorite activities
Cara's favorite activitiesCara's favorite activities

October 2023

Cara and Darwin from the C litter met with
Loui, Sir Henry and Daja from the D litter
for the owners to chat with each other or
play and have fun with each other and much more.


Autumn 2022 till Summer 2023

Cara’s favorite sport, her curiosity
and we present beautiful impressions during a walk



Winter Summer Autumn 2021

Charal in winter, summer and autumn 2021
Pure joie de vivre with Cara and her mistress is the most beautiful
Impressions of the snow and a walk in the forest


October 2020

Pictures from Cara at autumn 2020

September 2020

We visited Cara with Jade and had a lovely afternoon as can be seen in the gallery below.
Charal greeted Jade warmly
there was play, romp and Jade showed her,
that you could swing really well
Cara showed you how to chill out on the chairs.


Soummer 2020

Charal at holiday and in the garden


Charal at holidayCharal working in the garden


June 2020

Impressions of the young dog meeting
Charal was the shyest at first,
thawed more and more and showed it to everyone at the end
She mastered the course with a lot of joy
went over the footbridge, through the bag tunnel
and had minimal difficulty with unfamiliar surfaces.

April 2020

Charal develops into a small personality
a little insight into Charal’s development.
You can see that she develops into a personality (with flaws, coquetry and amiability)

March 2020


Charal-Cara at her family. she has settled in well.

February 2020

Cara’s erster Schnee und ihr neues Spielzeug

Charal's new toy

Charal's first snowCharal's new home

Charal's new family

Silke, Johannes, Niklas and Fynnare her new family
They are living in Hude
Charal with 9 weeks

Charal with nine weeks


Charal with  65 weeksCharal with 7 weeks

Charal with five and seven weeks

Charal with 1 weekCharal with 4 weeks

Charal with one and four weeks


Charal’s time at El Fuego del Viento Kennel

Charal with 2 weeksCharal with 8 weeks

Charal with two and eight weeks