This is Dali’s (Dibbes) Side
New pictures and current developments are documented here.



March 2024

Impression of Summer/ Fall 2023 and Winter 2023/2024
There is now a friendship between the two animal family members of Paul and Susanne
nice to see how they get along.
Winter pictures on a long walk in the fields.

April 2023

Easter Greetings from Dali
Two photos, can you tell the two apart?


Wer bin ich?ist das der gleiche Hund ?


March 2023

Dali obviously feels comfortable with Paul and Susanne
he is very content and balanced.

11.January 2023

It is with a heavy heart that Lisbeth and Robbert have separated from Dali-Dibbes.
He couldn’t cope with the many impressions in a big city.
We are all the happier that dear friends – the owners of our Balenos – can give him a new home.
Quiet, with little traffic and distractions,
he blossoms and has settled in very well within 3 weeks
and has already built up a great bond.
We wish Dali – that’s what he’s called now –
and its new owners much joy and a happy life,
like they had with Baleno.

Autumn 2022

Impressions of Dali, his expression, his hairstyle

June – July 2022

Impressions of our puppies’ homes in the first 2-4 months.

Liesbeth and Robbert visit Dali

Dali with his new family

Dali will live with Liesbeth and Robbert in Amsterdam.
He will called Dibbes now.

Dali with ten weeks

Dali with ten weeks

Dali with one weekDali with eight weeks

Dali with one and eight weeks