This is Cuni’s page
Pictures and developments are documented here

Cuni lives with Alexa, Wolfgang and Alena in Düsseldorf.
Her nickname will be Frida.
Pictures and other experiences in her life can be found here.


Summer Fall 2023

News from Cuni-Frida
from vacation or from home
a little whirlwind.

Summer Autumn 2022

Cuni-Frida Impressions of summer and autumn
It doesn’t matter whether it’s for fun photos
or on vacation – Cuni is always friendly.

November 2021
three new Videos von Cuni
from Cuni there are many videos,
we put them on an extra page Cuni’s Vidoes


September 2021

In September, Jade, Darwin and Frida
met for a seminar at the Siegerland dog center.
There were a lot of learning units, but also fun was not neglected with game units and play opportunities
everyone enjoyed the weekend.


August 2021


Summer vacation from Cuni-Frida by the sea

Winter / Summer 2021

Pictures from a walk in the woods,
some nice pictures from Frida,
once with her buddy, and beautiful forest pictures
It has its winter color, a reddish sheen.

November 2020

a new video and new pictures from Frida

Autumn 2020

Autumn impressions from Frida.
on vacation, on a spa walk or wherever

Summer 2020

small “Frida” is getting bigger.
a few impressions from your vacation, your everyday life and your home.
Vacation in Föhr with master and mistress
even in your own buggy

June 2020

Cuni apport sticks out of the water with much fun.
see Cuni’s Videos


June 2020

Impressions from the meeting of young dogs.
Cuni has no problems with foreign ground, such as sand or mat
she also walked across the jetty without any problems, she really had fun in the ball pit

Frida with her pack at the jetty walking on the sand, no problem

Cuni across the jetty and on different surfaces

Cuni in
the ball pit Cuni and Calimero

Joy in the ball pid;
Cuni quickly found a friend in Calimero


there are holiday videos from Cuni see above.


May 2020

We visited Cuni in her home in Dusseldorf.
a big Rhine walk was on the program
both happily ran side by side
and couldn’t wait to get to the water.
Then there was no stopping.

April 2020 / May 2020

Frida’s viewing platform in her home
and the small sofa diva on the balcony.
Even the Corona times do not leave the dogs without a trace,
Dog schools are closed,
Puppies not always ready to play;
Frida’s family is looking for variety and is very imaginative.

Alena obviously enjoys little Frida

Alexa and FridaFrida in her box

February 2020

Cuni with eleven weeks
Cuni help with the laundryCuni help with the laundry

Cuni on her mat

Cuni just arrivedCuni on her mat

Cunis new family

Alexa and Alena picked up her.
She will live in Düsseldorf

Cuni with nine weeks

Cuni with nine weeks


Cuni with 6 weeksCuni with seven weeks

Cuni with six and seven weeks

Cuni with one weekCuni with 4 weeks

Cuni with one and four weeks


Cunis time at El Fuego del Viento Kennel

Cuni with 2 weeksCuni with 8 weeks

Cuni with two and eight weeks