Unsere Hündin Baika

Our dog Baika

our Breed dog Jade

Our breed dog Jade

Unser Zuchtrüdeour Breed male Ringo

our Breed male Ringo

our Benga

our Benga

Baika, Jade, Ringo, Benga

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We kept one of the puppies from Benga’s first litter, the male Ares alias Ringo.
and one of the puppies from Benga’s second litter, the female Baika
Ringo got father of puppies three times and Baika got the breeder-licence at May 2012 !!!

At October 2014 we got Jade from France

Unsere Althündin Benga - im Regenbogenland

our old Benga – in the rainbow country

Unser Jungsprund Jade

our young dog Jade