Our 2nd litter meeting for the C litter took place on our club grounds in Lütgendortmund.
Unfortunately, this time we weren’t represented in large numbers
– it was due to the distance, the date and also the announced weather.
So I killed two birds with one stone
and combined the second meeting of the D-litter with this one.
I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful day, the participation,
the lively discussions, the lovely play of the dogs
– free play in different constellations was possible despite the age.
Many photos were taken, a selection will be published here in the next few days –
on the side of each participating dog.
Check it out in the next few days, it will take a few days until the page is ready.

First, a little foretaste.

Each dog had mastered a small obstacle course.
I was excited to see how they had developed over the year.
The following should be mastered during the course:
Fun and skill were tested
How did the subordination work?
The Hoopers Sport was introduced
Cope with unfamiliar objects – wobbly bridge, stairs
Bonding with the dog handler could be shown
We tried free play in different constellations.
depending on how the individual dogs get along
Cara was reserved, but warmed up if you gave her time
The bond with her owner was wonderful.
Daredevil Darwin open towards other dogs and people.
The greeting with him was, as always, violent.
Darwin also showed a beautiful bond with his master,
But when he met the male dog, he wanted to be in charge.

We hope to be able to hold the meeting again next year – perhaps with more dogs.
Here’s to 2024!!!