This is Danuta’s page
New pictures and current developments are documented here.


Danuta’s Nutka Videos

February 2024

Danuta is currently at a lot of exhibitions and
receives great successes, another BOB in BYDGOSZCZ
as well as another entitlement
Congratulations on the great success

November 23

Danuta-Nutka get the BOB at Internationalen Ausstellung Posen .
5 Gos d’Atura were there.
Danuta BOB
Gratulation to the wonderful success

Summer 23

Danuta-Nutka one-year-old bitch,
Impressions of the summer.

Autumn 2022 / December 22

Danuta – Nutka in her garden, exploring, playing with her favorite animals
Nutka at the fotograf, wonderful pictures.

June 2022

July 2022

first impressions of Danutas- Nutka – new pack.
a small whirlwind provides entertainment
at 12 weeks already the first exhibition – a great work by Anna

Danuta was picked up.
We spent a lovely evening and morning together.
There will probably be a small name change.
Her name will probably be Nutka now

Danuta at departure

May 2022

Danuta comes to a family in Poland.
Together with 5 other Gos she will live in a big pack.
She is now called Letty.
We’d love to keep watching her life.

Danuta with 12 weeks

Danuta at our house with 12 weeks

Danuta with 10 weeks

Danuta with 10 weeks

Danuta with one weekDanuta with eight weeks

Danuta with one week and with 8 weeks