19th January 2020

At the end of the sixth week see

our puppies now have a name: see
The sixth performance at 6 weeks
Begin of seventh week
Summary of the sixth week

New Vidoes can be seen at side Videos 

the weight developement is at the bottom of the side,
also the the publication for each week.

Jade’s puppy box is filled

1.picture of puppy box

30th November 2019

Jade a Dream of Bear’d – Ignacio Jordi von den Hexen


The stud dog Jordi

for more information click on the picture

the pedigree of the puppies are of interest in genetics.

Pedigree Mating Jade and Jordi


The sixth performance at 6 weeks

The fourth performance at 4 weeks

The third performance at 3 weeks

The second performance at 2 weeks


4 males and 5 females have seen the light of day within 4 hours.

Very instinctively, Jade supplies her puppies
and do not let her out of sight right now.

To have a short break in the garden is the highest of emotions.

the ladies' squad

the ladies’ squad at the milkbar

the gentlemans squad

the gentlemans squad in the waiting line


The puppies weight between 280 g and 400 g.

A first photo will be published shortly.
Tomorrow, there are more of them.

the ladies’ troubles can already be seen at the milk bar

while the gentlemen wars have to wait a bit longer.

After that, there was heavenly peace and everyone is resting.

Mum too, so more for the next day.

The weight development from the first to the eighth week

weight development

It is not registered and published every day,
but only twice a week


Pictures of the puppies can be seen below;
Here the development from the first week to the delivery is documented.


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