Happy BirthdayHappy BirthdayHappy BirthdayHappy Birthday

28th May 2019
Happy 9th birthday

We wish all the owners many years to come with their buddies and Messrs.
Baleno-Paule, Bangos, Biego, Bomo-Tiesto, Bungee-Tinos and
the ladies Baika, Basina-Josie , Banu-Biggi, Belana and Branka

Even at nine years of age, everyone is still healthy and happy and in excellent health.
As far as we have a current picture can be seen here.


Baleno-Paule is clearly enjoying his place. His coat color is now a deep gray to almost black.



Bangos in his garden. His coat color has remained a beautiful arena.



Biego on a hiking tour with master and mistress. Its long fur (meanwhile a light gray) is a feast for the eyes.



Bomo Tiesto is clearly feeling good. A great expression



Tinos is one of the few who still has a bit of barquillo color from her mother



Baika with us in the garden. Their coat color changes from a deep gray to a matt black.



Banu-Biggi on a walk. Their coat color is a deep gray.



Basina in photo pose in the garden. She too still has a little bit of her mother’s barquillo.



Belana at her observation post. She also kept the arena skin. A pretty head



Branka on vacation tour with master and mistress. Their coat color has meanwhile changed to a gris, the barquillo is hardly there. Branka looks most like her mother in old age.


We hope to get a picture of all of them next year.
Maybe we can make a complete list again Thank you for the contact over the years.