October 2020

Bangos has visitors
Visiting Charal
RO Championchip Westfalia 2020

Chiwano Ciwana dog training
Chiwano and Chanta
Dog Meeting June 2020
Visit at Cuni and Colina
Jade and Tinos

Two Sisters – very different

In the annual gallery are found every year interesting events and photo documents.

Enjoy browsing.
the tables will gradually be completed
until all are finished, there will be some more time left
Check in at intervals !!

The themes of the galeries are in both languages German and English ( not all yet – we are working at it )
The comment at the pictures are in German, but pictures speak for themselves

June 2019

Galerie 2020 is growing – take a look.
The Annual Gallery 2019 was created
but it is not complete yet.
Visit to Heiderudel, working weekend in Holland coming soon

years Gallery

2020   Bangos has visitors Visiting CharalRO Championchip Westfalia 2020Chiwano Ciwana dog trainingChiwano and Chanta
      Young Dog Meeting June 2020Visit at Cuni and ColinaJade and TinosTwo Sisters – very different El Fuego del Viento going for a wal
      C-litter last four weeks    
2019   C-Litter first four weeksJade and JordiWorking weekend in HollandVisit at Heiderudel 
2018   Jade and RudiRingo and Jade in Holland   
2017    Jade and Baika in Holland Jade and Aurelia in Holland Biego to visit1.Ro TurnierTiesto to visit
Guide dogs exam of Jade
Carlota and JadeBaika and Jade in HollandAurelia and Jade in HollandBangos and Jade in Mönchengladbach
      Ringo and Jade in the garden garden impressions    
2015   vacation in HollandBaika’s new hobbyAmy and JadeBelana to visit< href="https://gos-datura-dortmund.de/en/years-galery/nggallery/galerie-2015/Bilder-2015-Jade-Ringo-Baika-Januar/">Jade’s first snow/td>
2014   Jade’s first trackJade’s
puppies hours

Growth to the pack
summer party
Paule and Baika
      Benga’s last picturespack a walkPhoenix West   
2013   Branka’s puppiesDog DancingHolland trip springmating Ringo and Gina 
2012   Benga in HollandMax at home again
Herding sheep
Visit at Pauleshort vacation Campanula
      visit at Dad    
2011   visit at TiestoRingo and Baikawoman toursnow in der Boemke and in the garden 
2010   2.nd puppies meeting
first experiences on the dog place
Impressions of B-litterA-litter 2 years oldRingo gets the title European Winner
      visit at Aureliaspring 2010     
play and romp at the field

many exhibitions
tour A-littervacatin DanmarkBenga and Maja
      first birthday A-litterplay and romp at the field / Glörtalsperre
Visit at almost the entire A-litter
2008   visit at Carlos and AlvaroImpressions A-Litterearly summer 2008mating Benga and Chewievarious from 2008

September 2020
Visit to Charal
Charal greeted Jade warmly
there was play, romp and Jade showed her,
that you could swing really well
Cara showed you how to relax on the chairs