Videos of Draik

all videos of Draik-Frodo in ascending order,
which are made available to us are published here.
In time they will all be under the D-litter videos,
but that will take a while.
Enjoy viewing.

July 2023

April 2023

Frodo macht das Matschwetter nichts aus, aber sein alter Kumpel Nikki möchte den Spaziergang wohl eher beenden oder ?Frodo doesn’t mind the muddy weather, but his old pal Nikki would like to finish the walk sooner, right?

February 2023

a one year old male and a 15 year old male are having fun together.
An unusual picture
Nice to see something like that.

June – July 2022

Draik und sein Kumpan
Es passiert gar nicht so oft, dass ein 14 Rüde einen Welpen zum Spiel auffordert.
Da sind die beiden schon super zusammen gewachsen.

Draik has a new toy
The long-awaited toy has finally arrived. And is used extensively

Draik also has its own swimming pool,
although he probably still mistakes it for a sandpit.
But great fun.

It doesn’t always have to be a dog toy.
Draik likes to play with his toys,
but if that’s not at hand,
so does a mug.
He’s obviously having fun

May 2022

Draik’s favorite toy;
he has real stamina.

The first morning walk with Nikki.
Frodo is happy and stays very close to him.
Everything is interesting and exciting.

First encounter with new buddy and family member Nikki, a Gos Datura male at 14 years old.