Dino-Louis video page of his life.

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Juli 2023

Despite the blazing heat – 32 degrees in the shade –
Loui has no problem to play with a buddy.

May 2023

Loui has discovered a new passion for collecting.
He carries sticks home from a walk and
then drop it off at the front door.
In the meantime, the “Stöckchenberg” is probably already relatively large.
Maybe there will soon be a photo of ?

March / April 2023

My mistress trains my “fat” away with me –
but it’s only rumen sticks!!!
Don’t tell anyone, Mum has most of the work,
I make myself comfortable
maybe a few calories will actually go away.

a very simple way of mentally exercising a dog.
Dino Loui is looking for the treats.
It’s quite a challenge
to do this calmly and not frantically.
He makes it very nice.

January 2023

Louis first snowman, the nose is eaten just like that;
tastes !!!

December 2022

signal control sit with your back to the dog,
works great

July 2022

Loui jumps back and forth in the garden with his toy.
It’s funny to watch.
Have fun with it

June 2022

Chewing fun out of your hand
In the beginning, a puppy should have a chew bone
nor get out of hand and chew on it,
so that he learns, also such an interesting thing,
always returned upon request.

Favourite toy
It’s nice to watch
how extensive and focused puppies
already busy with a toy.

he already has his own swimming pool.

the first course in a small stream, no problem for Loui

May 2022

Pure wellness program – it can stay like this –

his huge garden