Videos from Denver

all Sir Henry Denver videos in ascending order,
which are made available to us are published here.
In time they will all be under D-litter videos,
but that will take a while.
Enjoy viewing.

December 2022

first trying out of dog dance elements, like running through the legs and twists,
he’s doing great!

August 2022

Sir Henry has injured his paw and must not rage;
there has to be an alternative way to play;
she was found quickly.
There’s always food, isn’t it?

July 2022

Sir Henry shows beautiful footwork.
But there was certainly a great treat from Mum.

June 2022

Safety first
that’s Denver’s motto first of all

After caution has been overcome and you have dared to
there is no stopping to inquire about something new.

Water games in a river with Easy,
both have fun.

Mai 2022

Denver remembers, you can also jump into the ball pool.
He’s just having fun.

Denver’s fight with a “Boa”. He is fearless and persistent.
Others use Pavaletti poles to step over
he would rather wear them.

Denver’s first proper welcome with Easy under the patronage of Dad

Denver’s first walk in the garden