Videos by Dali Dibbes
all videos by Dali-Dibbes in ascending order,
which are made available to us are published here.
In time they will all be under D-litter videos,
but that will take a while.
Enjoy viewing.

Autumn 2022

small videos of his girlfriend, the first hours at the dog school,
first experiences in the sport “tracking” and Dibbes in front of the TV.

On a walk with his best friend Schapendoes.
both have a lot of fun.

Dali’s first experiences in the young dog school,
he waits patiently and then joyfully walks through the tunnel.

Perhaps Lisbeth has already discovered his favorite sport?
both have fun doing it.
The two videos show the beginnings, where he has a lot of patience
and does it really well.

Dali, I know the dogs, they look like I used to
is he really looking?

July 2022

Shopping walk in Amsterdam
in a very busy shopping street in Amsterdam,
Dibbes is relaxed and looks at everything curiously.

Dali and Shaffy – a game team
Dibbes also has a best buddy – Shaffy.
His play with her is always wonderful

Dali’s water games
Dali-Dibbes in his element again,
in the water in his park.
A pleasure to see his fun

Dali lives near a large park
and has the opportunity with every walk
to romp in the water.
It makes him happy.

June 2022

Snack fun
Dibbes gets his chewing fun in moderation.
Mistress decides when enough is enough.

As you can see, there are many possibilities during a walk,
exercise a dog
keep on having fun

Mistress has many possibilities to train Dibbes,
which he enjoys a lot.

My basket has to endure a lot
The question is how long the basket will withstand Dibbes’ attacks.
But he enjoys it.

11th June 2022

Dali swims in the water for the first time,
he followed Jade and made several swimming attempts.
Dexter was more reserved,
it was enough for him to cool his legs.
Both videos are from our walk in the park by Liesbeth and Robbert